Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Soldier Girl

I went and picked up our Soldier girl Regan, yesterday.  She was in training 2 hours from us and she graduated to the next phase in the Army.  
It's so hard to believe that she is all grown up a woman.  A woman in the Army.  A woman willing to fight for our country.  I can remember when she was coming home from Kindergarten.  I can remember how we would play hair do, while I had her brush my hair for hours.  I used to have Regan spend the summers with us, and I would dress us alike, people thought she was our daughter, I let them go on thinking it.  Regan was only 7 when HD and I got married and as long as she remembers I have been a part of the family.  I have watched this girl grow into a woman right before my eyes.  We have always been so proud of her accomplishments, she was an excellent student, a journalist for the school paper, rookie of the year in high school.  She is a super star to us.
We have her for the next few days, we will be going to TBM's house for the weekend.  We are also going to Celebrate Luke's birthday while we are there.  We are going to an amusement park,  I am very glad Regan gets to be with us this week and we are very grateful for our time together.
Happy Wednesday!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Fro me to you and Friday's big Vacation party over at We Are THAT Family!


D... said...

Many, many thanks to your Soldier Girl! Enjoy your time with her.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Wow what a woman! We are proud of her.