Monday, August 11, 2008

Football and my life

We started back with football season last week and it was long!  This is Luke's 3rd year and so he moved up to the next team.  This is Bo's first year and HD is the coach of his team.  Now let  me say here in the south football is like a religion, and we attend football 3-4 nights a week with a game on Saturday.  I have learned more about football in the last few years than I really ever needed to know.
I will post some pictures of the boys this week.  We are the Indians and our colors are orange and black.  Daisy is very excited about football because about 4 little girls are there and she brings a backpack full of toys and they sit on a blanket and play.
I am team mom again this year which means that I have to bring drinks and snacks for each game and I fill up the water at the practices.  I really do enjoy football season myself mostly because there are other mom's and although I don't bring a backpack full of toys we sit and talk just the same.
So for the next 3 months we will live eat and breath football.  HD walks in the door from work at 5pm we eat dinner and finish at 5:20 run to the car and go to football we get there at 5:35 HD gets all the water and footballs for the boys and they practice 6-8pm.  We go home the kids eat a bowl of cereal and shower and off to bed they go.  Repeat all week.  Crazy!  
Happy Monday!


Amy said...

I have learned more about football in the last few years than I really ever needed to know.
Well said!! That's the way I would feel too. When I was a pee wee cheerleader our mothers didn't know if we were to do an offense or defense cheer! So we would do the " We've got Spirit" cheer...a lot!

Growin' with it! said...

the schedule sounds crazy but fun...well all except for the football part! i love the game but am NO where near ready for that to become a part of my little boy's dreams. inevitable i'm sure.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

We're playing Fall Baseball this year. I'm hoping for the same mom commrodorey. (gosh I cant spell)

Stacy said...

I started the roll of "sports mom" in 1987. I'm still on those stinkin bleachers. No relief in sight until sometime after 2017.
Thirty years of being a bleacher creature.... no wonder I am so fat!