Sunday, August 24, 2008

How was your weekend

I have been on a bloggy break not due to a fun vacation or a getaway but rather the fact that we took my mom to have her cataract surgery, while we were there Daisy had a major allergic reaction to the antibiotic the Doctor put her on because of her massive tonsillitis and ear infecting.  We had to give her a large dose of benadryl and she is still 3 days later fighting a horrible rash, she itches all over.
We did make it to the boys game yesterday while Daisy was doped up on benadryl.  Luke's team won 4 out of 5 of the scrimmages they played and Bo's team won one lost one and tied one.  
Yesterday was filled with itching and video games, the boys played video games all day while HD and I spent the next EIGHT yes 8 hours clean our children's playroom.  I could not start school with the playroom in mass chaos!  I need order for our school day to run smoothly.
I have neglected the playroom all summer and let the kids have a free for all.  Now in less than 2 weeks we will start our school, Luke in the second grade and Bo will start Kindergarten.
I know some of you home school and have shared with me the curriculum you will be using and I keep forgetting to share ours.
We are using Saxon Phonics for both boys, Saxon Math and manipulative's for both boys, Luke will be doing Bible and Social Studies by Alpha and Omega publications and I will do a Creationist Science curriculum by Apologia for both boys.
I am thinking about doing a Geography curriculum by Kreative Simplicity.  While we do school Daisy will be doing learning games.  I have found the most wonderful puzzles by Melissa and David that she loves as well as some wonderful games with pattern blocks for her and for Bo.
So that's what our school curriculum looks like this year.  And we will be joining a home school group that meets on Wednesday's.
Oh and as we woke up this morning Bo called to us crying, he said his throat hurt...  He has a 101.7 degree fever.  His tonsils are huge!  His head hurts. Are you all aware that it's only August, I can't believe this is happening already!
So today we lay around drinking orange juice and watching movies, while Daisy is itching and Bo is burning up.  I hope I really do that you all are having a better weekend than us!
Tomorrows another day!


JMR said...

I hope your family feels better soon and no one else catches the bug! It sounds like you accomplished a ton even though your little ones were sick. I can't wait to hear how your school year goes!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Poor kids. I hope they get to feeling much better soon.
* I too am allergic to most antibiotics.

Are there any educational books or videos you like for Madi's age group?

Happy Mommy said...

Amy~ We love the Leap Frog Letter Factory and Math Circus! She won't quit understand it but I think it is wonderful for them to listen to! Check out the new Word World toys at Target, Madi would love them and you can get it on-line if you don't have a Target.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

aw man. that is one SICK household. Hope you'll all be feeling better soon!

We are THAT Family said...

Awww...I feel so bad for all of ya'll. Speedy recovery, okay?

marky said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies..
sounds like another trip to the doc for poor bo.
We used such a mish mash of curriculum. I need to spend some time planning out my year too!
Hope you are all on the mend soon.

Becky said...

Sorry you guys are sick. I hate being sick..and I really hate when my kids are sick. It makes me feel so helpless. :(

I won't even mention Colloidal silver to you right now...for fear of the bloggy backlash. LOL

The Maid

Giovanna said...

I hope everyone gets better soon!
That's gotta stink. But better they get it all over with in one shot, no?

The Munchkin Patch said...

Be sure to check out our Back to School Bash going on at The Munchkin Patch this week!!