Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Lake

We headed  off  to the lake today for some family time.  HD rarely gets to go swimming with us so we enjoy each and every minute with him today.  The weather was really nice it was only 85 degrees with a little breeze.  We packed a lunch, and had snacks.  The kids enjoyed the playground as well as swimming in the lake and jumping off the dock.
HD and I were able to sit and talk about our new house our plans.  It was really nice.  I needed a pick me up, I was really hopeful to be pregnant this month and again this month I am not.   I did find out this week that HD's surgery was successful, a really great scientist from church did his analysis on Monday and we are all good.  So at this point I know I can get pregnant I just am not pregnant yet.
If any of you have ever experienced infertility you understand that there comes a time when you feel like it's all you talk about and then month after month you are still not pregnant and you start to feel really silly for talking about it over and over...    I suffered with infertility with our first child but had no problems with the next two.  I have made an appointment to see an OBGYN in two weeks, I just want to dot all our I's and cross all our T's.
I also want to feel normal again, and today I did we had a wonderful time the five of us.  I babied Daisy because for now she is the baby!  We practiced swimming with the boys in the deep end of the lake, the swim lessons really paid off!
So tomorrow we will all go to church and enjoy our day this is HD's three day weekend he is off on Monday and I think we just might go to the lake again.
I need to run to the Walmart tomorrow to return a Christmas gift, and yes I have started Christmas shopping I actually have 6 people all done and after the exchange tomorrow I will be well on my way to finishing up with all my extended family.  I shop for the kids in November, I have learned my lesson of shopping for them early because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around they want all new things.  
Enjoy your weekend!  


Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Sounds like you had a great day at the lake. I love going to parks and lakes. Guess you could say I'm a cheap date!
I have my Christmas list ready and bought one gift for Madi online, but that's it so far.
Good luck with your pregnancy-sounds like good news for HD. We will keep praying.

Kelly's 3 said...

I totally agree on the shopping for your own kids in November. I shopped early one year and by November my son was completely not interested in the gifts I was so excited about! So I had to return and start over!

marky said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Kuddo's to you for the head start on Christmas. I am a last minute shopper..I swear every year to do better, but I don't.
We had the wedding yesterday, and a birthday today, so maybe I will start thinking Christmas after that.
I understand the infertility. I had 2 then remarried and couldn't concieve again. But God's timing was perfect and we ended up with 2 more. Praying for you to hold on to God's perfect timing and plan for your family. I know it can be difficult.

Growin' with it! said...

i can't wait to read that post when you get to scream and shout and hoopla that you are prego. hang in there friend.

and the christmas shopping...wrong, just wrong. mostly cuz i never think of genius stuff like that...nor have the moola at the time.

enjoy the lake!