Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have been inspired to do an interview

Today I read Takin' Time To Smell The Flowers and she did an interview with her brother, it was very sweet and her love for him was shown through and through!  I remember back awhile ago that PW did an interview with her Marlboro Man.  So after oh 3 seconds of thinking I wanted to do a interview with HD...

I asked him if he would do an interview on my blog and he has laughed and smiled, he is walking this way so here we go!

1. Do you like that I call you HD on my blog?
HD~ I'm indifferent about the name
2. Do you like that I have a blog?
HD~ Yes because it makes you happy.
3. What is your favorite dinner?
HD~ UMMM Prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and shrimp for an appetizer.
4. Am I a better cook than your Mom?
HD~ I don't know
Me~ What's not to know
HD~ you don't cook prime rib
Me~ Does your mom make prime rib?
HD~ yes
Me~ prime rib aside am I a better cook than your mother?
HD~ I would say you both are in the same league.
5. Favorite color?
HD~ Mossy Oak (camo)
6. Who is your best friend?
HD~ you babe!
7. What is your dream day like?
HD~ Get up at 4am wife makes me eggs, sausage, coffee in the tree stand before the sun comes up, an hour after day break a 150 class buck  (huge buck) walks in front of my tree stand I shoot it with my muzzle loader and I am back home cleaning the deer by 10.
Me~ What do we do with the rest of our day?
HD~ We have fresh tender loin for lunch.
8. Are you happy you married me?
HD~ Yes (big smile)
9. How many children do you want to have?
HD~ 4 or so
Me~ do you want a boy or a girl?
HD~ Healthy baby
10. Did you like reading the Shack?
HD~ I did
Me~ What was your favorite part?
HD~ When he got to see his daughter, and the part about in the judgement room.
11. Why do you think TX is so great?
HD~ Cause Texans live there, and if it was to succeed from the United States it would be the 3rd most powerful nation, Amen!
12. Where is your favorite place?
HD~ At home or in the woods
13. Do you like that I wear make up?
HD~ yes I do
14. What do you like most about being a Christian?
HD~ Being forgiven, having a personal relationship with our Savior
15. What is one of your favorite memories of the two of us?
HD~ When we were first married and we used to go for walks by the Miami river with our dog Ivan, and get hamburgers from the hamburger stand and hot potato chips.
Me~ That was alot of fun we would walk for hours.
16. What is one of your favorite memories as a Dad?
HD~ Watching our children come into the world, and delivering Daisy.
17. If we could go anywhere where would we go?
HD~ Oh either Alaska or Costa Rica.
Me~ those are very different places why Alaska
HD~ I want to go hunting and fishing and see the glaciers and go fishing for salmon, hunt elk and caribou and bear.
Me~ am I with you?
HD~ yes we can go hiking and hunting together babe.
Me~ Why Costa Rica
HD~ It is beautiful, I want to see the rain forest and see all the snakes and lizards and monkeys, it would be great.
18. What is your favorite dessert?
HD~ Blue Bell homemade Vanilla
Me~ No really
HD~ (Laughter) 
Me~ something I make
HD~ Nieman Marcus bars
19.  Do you like coaching football?
HD~ I do, I like teaching kids to accomplish their goals, and seeing their face when they get a touch down.
20. Is there anything you want my readers to know about me?
HD~That when you blog all day that you don't get the house clean.
Me~ funny, now really
HD~That you really are a great wife, and mother.
Me~ thank you
HD~ your welcome

That was fun!  I think HD enjoyed himself here this evening.  Have a great Sunday everyone.


Becky said...

That was great. :)

Except the perfect day thing...shooting a helpless animal and then the mess of cleaning it up????


I'm such a city girl.

The Maid

MoziEsmé said...

Thanks for introducing us to HD! So what IS your secret for getting the house clean when you blog all day?!

We are THAT Family said...

This was so cute! I love it! You have a good man!

Amy said...

Andy would laugh at me and say "who do you think you are, Oprah?" Would prefer not to be on my blog!!

Twice Blessed said...

Great answers HD... I too was a little grossed out by his perfect day. What happened to "spend it all day with you Babe, holding hands, playing with our kids and eating one of your perfect meals" ?????????????

Kelly's 3 said...

Wow... another husband who thinks hunting, shooting, and cleaning an animal makes a great day. Sounds like mine! (I wake up to a deer head staring at me every morning and we have a mounted bear head due to arrive any day now. Augh!)

bunchofbull-ers! said...

How fun! I like the part about blogging all day & not getting the house clean. Oooops ;O)

Amanda said...

What a great interview! I love HD's comments about Texas. I know my husband would say something very similar -- and the bit about the blogging all day thing. I'd better get to the housework!

Kristy with a K said...

This was a GREAT post. I loved it.
and I also love that fresh venison I've been blessed to eat. The way I see it Becky, is God providing for HD's family. He also loves hunting, right after God, Family, and Friends.
Kudos to HappyMommy for landing such a great guy