Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday we ended a 7 week study on Galatians at church.  I tell you the way that our pastors broke down this book of the bible was dynamic!  See Galatians emphasises that our Relationship with Jesus is not about Rules but Relationship not about Laws but Grace not about what I Can Do but what Christ has Done.
It can become really hard to stay under the Grace and freedom that Christ has given us by shedding his blood on the cross for us, because we want to act religious, I find myself saying things sometimes like I feel disconnected I need to read my bible more then I will feel closer to God or I need to pray more...  Have you ever said that?
Funny thing is those things are very important things to do and do help you learn and hear from God, but that's not what you must Do.  If you have asked Jesus into your heart you are his child, so that means you will want to do those things.
Our pastor asked the question a few weeks ago do you see the fruit of the Spirit in your life now that you have a relationship with Jesus?  Peace, kindness, love, joy, patience, goodness faithfulness, gentleness and self control, he encouraged us to ask someone one who we could really trust to help us examine our life and see the work God has done in us.
He went on to give an example of how he is totally out of control in the car he hates waiting and before he became a Christian it was like he was a -9 and now he is only a -7 with his fits of anger, so that's FRUIT!  
HD and I have very much enjoyed this series!  I don't ever want to fall into the Rules system!  I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought of was I want to go read my bible, not I need to but I really wanted to.  I have times in my life were reading my bible is harder than house work, and it rarely gets done leaving me feeling guilt, I know that God has something important to tell me and I am ready to listen.
Over the last few months I am sure I have been a -5 in the patience category, I really want this whole baby thing to go my way...  I want it in my time!  I know I have missed out on some opportunity for God to work in my zest to GET pregnant.  I have prayed about giving God control, he really is much better with it than I am!  I feel at peace, I really do.  
I really encourage you to read Galatians its only 6 chapters.  It has got me thinking clearly again.
Have a wonderful Monday!

Galatians 5:1 So Christ has really set us free.  Now make sure that you stay free and don't get tied up again in slavery to the law.


marky said...

I am so glad to hear that you are experienceing peace with your family planning. I can totally understand that.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Yes, I have too said that about reading my bible.
Can you guys buy cd's of your sermons? We can at our church-it makes it nice so you can go back and hear it and share it with others.
Andy is getting baptized this Sat!!!

Growin' with it! said...

oh how i love this post. my pastor has been on the very same "subject" and i can never get tired of hearing about GRACE. it blows me away how much God longs for us, loves us, forgives us....etc. great encouragement to read Galatians...I'll take you up on it! thanks happy mommy!

D... said...

This is a great post. We do tend to get bogged down with what we perceive as rules. And we definitely want things done in OUR time rather than God's time.

Lots of food for thought. Thanks!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Very insightful and sounds as if your encouraged in your walk!

This is the stuff that "fine tunes us" as we grow in the Lord's ways!

Thanks for posting!

We are THAT Family said...

What a great thought! Thanks for sharing it.

Btw, I love your pink/brown damask on the side bar!

JMR said...

We are trying to get preg. with #2...I feel your frustration. It's hard to put it all into God's hands but that's all we can do really. Have you heard of You can chart with them for free and they will help you determine more fertile times. Also, have you heard of the book "Fertility, Cyles, and Nutrition" by Marilyn M. Shannon? It discusses lots of things to do with your nutrition to make your body more ready and able to get pregnant--also stuff for your hubby to do nutritionally. Sorry for the long comment. I hope and pray we are both blessed with more children soon! *In God's time* :)

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Love your new blog look!!

Nancy M. said...

I have said that too. But since reading this, I am going to go and read Galatians today. Thanks for the encoragement! Your new blog design is pretty!