Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Strawberry picking

Today I had the pleasure of helping our friends Tally and Kristy by watching their lovely little boy while they attended Dr. Jerry Falwell's funeral. I am so glad I am here and able to help. Tally and Kristy are former students of Liberty. My family has had a wonderful day with Caleb! Hannah is only 9 days older than him and they have just made great friends. We went to a strawberry patch and the kids just loved running up and down the rows and they ate their fill, I am glad they don't weigh the kids when we leave! We then went to the store and God blessed me so greatly with a double cart! Caleb is a very loving boy, he hugged Hannah and myself all through the store he pushed Lily's hair out of her eyes, and laid his head on her, it was so sweet! I really hate that we live so far away and that we haven't gotten to spend time like this with Caleb before. So today with 4 little ones was wonderful, Boy Daddy is in trouble now it was a piece of cake, I think anything over 2 is no big deal!

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