Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tate and Reese in May

Boy the babies are getting bigger! The first picture is of Reese, picture two is of both little babies Tate is at the top and Reese on the bottom with NO feeding tube... The third picture is of baby girl with a little bow in her hair, and the last picture is of Tate sleeping.
Reese gets to come home on Friday, I am so excited. I can only imagine the level of excitment and joy and fear Dana and Joe are experiencing
I can remember bringing Luke home, wondering if he would nurse well will he sleep well WHAT AM I DOING!!!
I was really happy and nervous!
We have not been given a date for Tate's hospital release yet, although I think it will be very soon.

My whole family is going up to Dana and Joes house this weekend to celebrate Mothers Day. We get to see Reese at the house, Wow I can not wait! We have waited so long to see her and Tate at home this will be wonderful and soon we will be able to cuddle them both!
Although I am super excited to go and see the babies this weekend, I do feel bad for Dana because the first few days at home are so incredibly
special I just hate to intrude on this time, but with my Grandma having cancer we all feel like before she starts her radiation treatments and does not feel like traveling we need to spend as
much time together as a family as possible, and what a great Mothers Day gift for all the mothers in my family! So we will be driving up on Saturday for a quick over night trip.

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