Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday~ Car games

If you have kids I am sure you spend a whole lot of time in the car.  It seems like we run almost every single day.  I really thought that because we home schooled our kids I would be home more and able to keep up with everything (can you hear me laughing) that is so not the case we are always in the car!
I have found that if I am involved in a wonderful conversation with my husband the kids fall apart.  If I am using my cell phone while driving the kids again fall apart.  What I mean by fall apart is they are playing the "he touched me no I didn't keep your foot over there it's mine I had that first your not my friend anymore" game.  If you haven't heard of that game yet your kids are still young...
I really started getting sick of ride with my own children in the car!  I love them so much I did what any good mama would and I tried separating them, and then I started praying for God to reveal to me what I could do different.  Very quickly I realized I was spending my time it the car for me, and that was not working!  Is such cramped conditions we needed to talk and sing and play together.  
I started playing a few games in the car that we could all enjoy together and it work!  The kids stopped fighting and they started laughing and enjoying our time together!  I can tell you it is much better to arrive at your destination with a happy family than 3 kids who have just acted like crazy monkeys and a mama who has blown her top!
One game we play often is What Am I Thinking Of, the game goes very simple you tell the kids either it's an animal or food or place or person and you start giving clues until someone (while taking turns) guesses.  Even my 3 year old can play this game now granted she always describes an elephant and sometimes tells us it's a food, she is playing.
Another great car game is I Spy.  We just take turns describing something we see in the front of the car or outside but far enough away that we can make a few guesses.
HD came up with a great game for the car we call it I Start The Story, One of us will start telling a story and we take 4 minute turns, the last person finishes it.  We have had a lot of fun with that game!
I hope you can use some of these idea's to make you travel time easier with the Holiday's here.  Remember if all else fails and you are going to be in the car for hours bring a portable DVD if your car doesn't have one.  We will be going to Ohio for Thanksgiving and the kids will be watching movies for a good part of the drive I am sure!

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littletoesandcheerios said...

I used to have fun playing these games with my brother! Makes the trip so much easier.

Hey I got one more question for you:
If you are asked to bring the "pop" to the Thanksgiving party, does that mean you are a bad cook?!

marky said...

We have played games too. One of my favorite 'educational' ones is alphabet whatever..
sometimes it is verb/or noun but it is played like going on a picnic and taking an A- apple B-Banana- C- Carrot etc.
Only we use Verbs
A- Acting
B- Breathing
or nouns..
A- Ape
B- Brick
you get the idea..

One More Equals Four said...

We play lots of games like this in the car. We like the alphabet games and I spy!

Great ideas, thanks.

I left you an award on my blog, check it out when you get a chance! said...

When my stepson visited last summer, we played quite a few car games but his favorite was finding the alphabet on signs and license plates.