Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Answers part 2

I am really enjoying answering your questions.

Anonymous asked me how my day is set up, and if I have an advice on being a good wife and an marriage advice for a couple with young children~
I set my day up like this- We get up at 6 each morning, I set the coffee pot the night before so when we get up we have hot coffee waiting.  HD and I spend a few minutes reading the Bible and then I pack his lunch and make breakfast.  The kids get up between 6:30 and 7.  We eat breakfast together as a family and HD leaves for work at 7:30, We pray together as a family before he walks out the door.  I start school with the kids when he leaves.  I am teaching 2nd grade and Kindergarten so I alternate, Math with one and then the other, phonics with one and then the other.  I do some pre school with Daisy in between Math and phonics with the boys.  We have lunch around 1pm each day and Daisy takes a nap at 2pm.  I start dinner around 3 and when HD gets home at 5 its ready.  We sit together at the table and share dinner.  We will sometimes play a game after dinner sometimes we read books or even watch tv together.  The kids go to bed at 8.  I love to read so I read a lot in the evening.  HD and I sit together by the fire or on the couch and read or watch tv or just talk....
My advice on being a good wife is very simple, if your husband loves to eat make sure you feed him after a long day of work, if he hates a mess, then spend a few minutes cleaning up before he comes home.  My husband loves to eat and he likes me to be fixed up so every day at 4:45 I touch up my makeup and dinner is ready when he gets in the door.  The very best marriage advice I can give anyone with kids or not is pray for your husband!  Our husbands are faced with many challenges each and everyday and the best thing you can do is pray for him.  Pray together and if you have a husband who does not like to pray out loud ask him if you can pray with him and take his hand and just pray for you both.  Take time to be with each other alone also.  I treasure my time with HD in the evening when our kids are in bed, lets face it babysitters are expensive  so we have dates at home often, after the kids go off to bed I try and set the stage for a nice date sometimes romantic sometimes just fun.  

Little Toes asked me if I had an easy cake recipe for Christmas~  
I will give you my favorite cake recipe, its called Neiman Marcus Bars
1 box of butter cake mix
1 stick of butter
1 large egg
1 package of cream cheese 8 oz at room temp.
2 large eggs
1 tea pure vanilla extract
1 stick of butter melted
3 3/4 cups of confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees for the first step mix the ingredients together for the crust, it should come together in a ball.  With your fingers pat it evenly into a 9x13 pan.
Next for the filling mix the first 4 ingredients together until smooth and then about a cup at a time add the sugar, mix until incorporated well.  Pour the filling on top of the crust mixture.  Bake in the oven for 45-47 minutes it should be well browned on top and just slightly jiggle when you shake the pan,  Place it on a wire rack to cool for about 30 minutes, cut and serve.  This is one  of my very favorite deserts ever! 

Growin' with it asked me three very good questions, What did I want to be when I grew up, If I was a superhero what would my powers be and what is my favorite color and why~
I had two career aspirations, I always and I mean always wanted to be a wife and mommy!  My mother and I lived with my Grandparents from the time I turned 5 and the only really good relationship I ever saw was that of my Grandpa and Grandma, I would dream of how my husband would sweep me away and we would have 7 children, I even had all 7 names picked out -Carlotta, Calliope, Collette, Christian, Justine, Jasmine and Sky.  I wanted a house full of girls.
My other dream job was to be a famous singer, not just a singer but a famous one, I wanted to be the next Reba!  Now being that I am from Dayton Ohio and with no hint of southern accent, this is a problem...
If I was a superhero I would totally have the power to be invisible, I would use my power to listen in on conversations and rid the Christian world of Gossip!  You would never know when Superhero Happy Mommy would be listening in and bust you for talking about your friends behind their back, so all Christian Woman everywhere would be kinder and way more careful about what they say, creating unity in the church like we have never known before!  Hey God's invisible and always listening, that should make us think.....
My favorite color is red!  I love red because I look good in red, red clothes, red lipstick, red shoes, and of course red nail polish.  I think red is a powerful color and when you where red you get noticed, not in a "your hot way"  but in a you know what your talking about way.  I don't think I ever walk by a woman dressed in red and don't look twice.  And all red food is yummy!


Growin' with it! said...

as much as i appreciated and loved the answers to my questions i could NOT STOP THINKING about those neiman marcus bars. thinking about the ingredients i have, the ones i need to get and how incredible it is going to taste tonight because i won't last much longer without going to the store and getting started.

i'm not quite sure what it is about me and food?

i loved your answer on being a mommy and wife. because my sweet friend you are VERY good at it. so i think your "job" choice was perfect! ;o)

alright, so this is an embarassing question because i feel like i've read your blog for some time now and can't believe i don't know the answer to this one....what is happy mommy's real name?

and i know you can't blog it, so if i promise to keep it secret forever, will you email me. not cuz i'm just nosey but cuz...well i guess i am just nosey.

have a great weekend!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Thank you so much...I'll try it! I have fixed the calzones 3 times already!!!

Twice Blessed said...

Just reflecting on your "Thanksgiving SFMTY" post (where I couldn't help notice that you're wearing red!)....One thing I'm so thankful for is ~ that you waited to have children and that none of them have any of the 7 names that I've heard about since you were 6 or 7 years old! Love you!

Twice Blessed said...

Oh yeah...and the Neiman Marcus bars are the BOMB!!!

marky said...

Always nice to find out a bit more about each other ;-)
I agree all red food is yummy!

Melissa said...

You left great advice, especially about our husbands. Mine is not one to pray at loud, but I'm going to ask him what you suggested.

Your post about the van is funny, it sounds like my van when I clean it out.