Monday, November 17, 2008

New church and a questioner

I have been in such a funk lately.  I have had trouble thinking of what to blog about, and it's not just blogging that's suffered it's everything.  I have just been so sad.  I don't want to feel this way, really I don't and today was good.  I was able to get a lot of school done with the boys, Daisy had ballet and I even got dinner on the table on time.
Have I mentioned that during all the stuff lately we realized we were not in the right church for our family?  I have really been struggling with this more than anything, going through a death without a church family is really hard.  For me being connected at church is so important, I need people.  We have lived about 35 minutes from our church for the last 3 years and I have tried really hard to make it work, but it's not.  After my grandpa died I realized I only have one friend at church, and when I asked my kids to tell me a friend from church they couldn't, they don't have any....
We were going to an amazing church with great music and fun activities but for a homeschooling family we need people and we live to far to be involved like some of the other families so as hard as it is we are moving on.
We have been church looking and that's really hard to.  Please pray for us.  I feel strongly that we need to go to church in the community were we live and so we are looking at churches in the next town over, the town were we have land and are going to build our house.  The church we went to yesterday was really nice and the kids had a great time.  The  boys knew 3 other boys and had a great time.  Daisy knew 3 little girls who are in her ballet class and 2 little boys, she loved it!
I would love to have some fresh blog material but lately I think I have been very boring so thank you for hanging in  here with me!  
Now I want to open the comments to any questions you have for me.  Ask away and I will spend the next few days answering, come on give me your best shot...  Ask me anything.  This might be really fun.  

Happy Monday Night!


JMR said...

Hang in there! I know what you mean about the importance of having friends at church. They really make church become a second family. I will pray you find a good church soon~it sounds like you might have found it last week! :) Even from far away, I'm here for you. If you ever just want to talk (or vent) I'm here.

Thanks for continuing to read my (lack of) blog lately!

One More Equals Four said...

Oh, I can so relate to what you are going through! It is so hard not to be in the right church family and sometimes to find the right fit, but you are right about needing the right place as a homeschooling family--you need a friend close by.
I have been in a very similar place lately and in a terrible "funk". We have a great church with lots of homeschoolers, but I only have one really close friend and she went to work full time this year so we hardly even see one another anymore. I have really been in the dumps.
I have prayed my little heart out and am still waiting not so patiently for an answer. I will definitely add you to my prayer list.
Hang in there! Wish I could be there for you, we could commiserate together! :)

Twice Blessed said...

Ahhhh ~
What are you going to wear to Aunt Brenda's on Thanksgiving day?

We are THAT Family said...

That's a hard place to be.

We left our church and found a new one 2 years ago b/c we need a church family too after a near-tragic situation.

It was worth the move.

Prayin' for ya!

Growin' with it! said...

oh have really been thru the ringer lately haven't you? a whole lotta transitions and uproar and heads spinning. i feel bad for you. especially the church deal. you need so much support these days with all you've been thru. hang in there friend. i know God will make it very obvious where you are to take your sweet family to worship Him!

hmm and questions....oh i love it when bloggers do this. i'll think on it and definitely be back soon!

Jodi said...

This may be too personal of a question so if it is just delete my comment... Have you had infertility problems in the past? If so, is there a reason? I had cervical cancer and PCOS so we do not know if I can get pregnant on my own. I am trying (and having a hard time due to a lack of discipline) to lose weight and hoping that helps. Like I said just delete if too personal. I thought talking about it might make you feel a little better. :) Have a good day!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Even though our church is VERY large, it's still hard to find a good friend. Seems most already have their own little cliques and such. But I do have a lot of great woman that I speak to during church...just not outside of it.
However...I love it. Best of luck to you guys, I'm sure you'll find it.

My question(s) for you is:
Do you cook something at least once a day? And when you grocery shop do you have a list and coupons?
We need to save money and cook more at home so I'm up for any advice.

Mary-LUE said...

This is my first time here... hopped on over from Lifenut's place.

Having a church community that is physically close to you is so important. I actually have something of a reputation for being a never-leave-your-church Nazi, but finding a church family close to home is something I encourage. The time on the road with kids, the loss of that drop-in ability. You do need people close.

I am sorry for the loss you've experienced and I pray you will find that church closer to home.

Sarah said...

I don't have any questions for you, but I just want to offer incouragement to you. We left a church about 2 years ago, where the Word was being abused. Talk about HARD! Then trying to find another place to fit into. You want the activities for the kids, you want to be fed, and you want to connect with people your age. We finally found that again, after trying a few churches. When we were there though, we KNEW it was where the Lord wanted us to be. And now, we are plugged in! And we love it. So, hang in there! The Lord has great things waiting for you, it sounds like you are seeking them, and HIM! Keep praying! I will looking forward to hearing your journey someday!