Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost a good time... Has spread!

Luke woke up this morning, stomach cramping, and he has thrown up already.  It's only 7:22.  I should had realized yesterday afternoon when he took a nap that sickness was stirring under the surface.  HD offered to take the other kids to church, as kind as the offer I am sure they are next so we are watching church on tv.
We didn't make it to the toy store, Luke had a headache, clue number 2.  So we improvised and shopped on line.  The kids took turns in front of the computer.  I found a great website full of learning toys, classic and well made toys at really reasonable prices too.  The site is called Really Great I found Playmobil at the best price I've ever seen.  Do you have little boys?  If you do they need some Playmobil!  They sell some of the pirate and knight toys at Toys R Us and at Target.  The store I mentioned has everything.  We ordered the boys toys from the Forestry section which is little hunters and forest rangers, and we ordered them Cowboys and Indians, toys you don't see in the store.
I am at a loss as what to get Daisy.  At 3 she is saying she wants everything she sees and she has so many toys already!  I made the mistake of getting her toys before she was ready more than one time.  We got her a top of the line $200+ kitchen for Christmas when she was 15 months old, she plays with it now but for almost 2 years it sat collecting dust.  Last year we got her a $80 baby doll, a Lee Middleton doll that looks real, the doll is laying in the bottom of a toy bin as we speak.  So ladies what do I buy my daughter, what does a 3 year old girl really need?  She wants an American Girl doll, we got a catalog last week.  She is way to young!  What do you thing?
It's only 37 outside this morning and I am going to have HD start a fire.  Happy Sunday!


One More Equals Four said...

I am sooooo sorry the bug has spread! We had it in our house this week but ours was very short lived so here's hoping you have the ssame strain and at least maybe it won't last long!

Sorry you didn't get to shop, but sometimes online is better! We LOVE Playmobil in our house, I mean we should own stock! They are FABULOUS toys, except for the assembly!

As for toys for a three year old girl, do you have the Rose Petal Cottage? It is for ages 3-5 and Lilly LOVES hers, even the boys play in it with her! She also loves baby dolls and when she was 3 we got her a little stroller etc. and she loved them but that is because she plays babies ALL THE TIME, if Daisy doesn't, that might not be great. Another thing she loved at that age was those life-size character puzzles.

Hope these ideas help! Have a relaxing day of rest!

Melissa said...

Oh I'm sorry it has spread. I pray for you that it doesn't go through everyone, but in my house I know it would to:) I will have to check into those playmobil. My son is 3 and loves Star Wars.

For Daisy I know what you mean. We have 2 girls 7 & 8, they just started getting American Girl dolls last year. We didn't want to spend that much for it to sit around. They do play with them. Does she like video games? Vtech has a new game system that looks very neat. Daisy may like the bitty baby from American Girl. They don't need as much to take care of like the big dolls do.

One More Equals Four said...

I just thought of something else! All the stores are running their Halloween costumes for 75 or 80% off. We have bought princess, bride, barbie costumes like that and given them to Lilly to play dress up in and she LOVES them!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Poor Luke. Seems like you guys can't escape it. :(

The baby and I are both fevered and she has a head cold and I have a sore throat!

Would Daisy like the fisher price camera that is rough and tough enough for kids to play with?
We got the baby a small kitchen for $64 to see how much she likes it. We have been plenty guilty of buying things too early as well.

I hope Luke feels better real soon and isn't shopping fun...even if online?!

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with a doll from walmart for 20$.

Happy Mommy said...

Anonymous~ Not a thing! We have been really blessed so far with being able to give our kids some really nice toys, but let me tell you they have their fair share of no name toys and toys from the 88 cent section of walmart! Is there a good quality doll for 20$ that will last past Feb? All I keep finding is dolls for 30+ or more...

One More~ We love the Rose Cottage too! I need to check on some costumes that's a great idea!

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Hopefully if the rest of you get sick it'll happen NOW and not next week! I fear the progressive illness that takes 2 days between each person. We've got 7 in our family, so we really pray for no illnesses! Does Daisy like purses? i just saw a my first purse in the Target ad I think. It looked kinda cute-my 3 year old likes purses. The other thing she seems to have her eye on is the Ponyville toys (miniature my little pony type thing)good luck!!

One More Equals Four said...

Okay--this should be it for me on this particular post, but do you have any of the Little Mommy dolls? They are very inexpensive, I think about $12-$15. They are good because they are small and light and easy to tote around. Some of the more expensive dolls were really heavy for Lilly when she was younger and she didn't play with them a lot because it was so hard to lug them around. Her Little Mommy doll was much easier for her litte hands and was her CONSTANT companion for at least a year. They are also really easy to find at Target or Walmart. said...

Bless your heart! All that cleaning up! All that work!

Hang in there!


littletoesandcheerios said...

I've got it! Get Daisy the Storytime Theater Projector (3-10 yrs) my girl loves it and older kids can read along with it. It's awesome!

marky said...

Sorry to hear the germs are spreading.. Get out the clorox..and wipe everything down! door knobs, computer keys light switches.. that is the germaphobe in me talking!
As for a 3 yo has been a while since I had one..I think my dd's favorite things at that age were dress up clothes and purses stuffed full of goodies.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

Bummer, Im sorry to hear that the yuck is going around. I hope that you are all feeling better soon.
I wanted to tell you that The Maid gave birth to a big baby boy this morning! Go figure living 2500 miles away, I found out before our friend that lives right around the corner from her because of Facebook!!

Praying for a speedy recovery ;O)

And Blessings.