Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Car and Shame, Shame people!

*This is one of my very favorite posts and it is very fitting today, we are traveling to Ohio and I have to clean the car!  While I am away I hope you all enjoy some of my favorite old posts.

So y'all know we are leaving at 2 am on Saturday for vacation and today was clean the car day, Daddy will not ride for 2 hours in the mess we call car/van more or less 14 so I promised to clean the thing up.  Now I must say I was feeling very organized with my packing techniques and I had no idea the hidden dangers awaiting me in my minivan.  Now this is one of those moments that I pray the Child's Protective Services doesn't read my blog because they might send someone for a home study after I tell you all the toxic situation in which I have been driving my beloved children in.  I really have no idea how we fit with all the mess and am very thankful we have not been over taken by bugs of some kind....  So here goes the Shame!
1 temporary tattoo
3 stickers
5 Ponytail holders
2 used band aids
16 army men
8 ink pens
19 game pieces (and they don't even  go together)
2 toy keys
plastic cat
12 candy wrapper
2 marbles
2 ninja turtle swords
9 barrets
2 sea shells 
play coin
pop (soda) top
3 M&M's
5 books
17  action figures
plastic bat
2 drink lids
6 feathers (birds may have been here)
marker top
12 gum wrappers
2 sucker wrappers
smashed chewed gum (very old and hard)
ice tea packet
mashed penny from Smithsonian
18 french fries (very old and very hard)
4 yo go's fruit snacks
dried up strawberry
gummy bear
13 sticky penny's
9 used Kleenex's
broken slinky
plastic soda cap
tic tac toe board
sun glass lens
2 pairs of sunglasses
plastic egg
plastic Gary the Snail (sponge bob)
plastic hat
battery AAA
7 straw wrappers
bouncy ball
toy skeleton
coffee cup
plastic rock
large rock wrapped in shiny foil
mega block
bouncy frog
ear phones
sucker stuck under seat 
2 dimes
dried flowers
20 CD's
auto touch up paint
barbie shoe
fortune cookie
gift bag
diaper bag (my baby is going to be 3 she has no need for a diaper bag)
1 size 2 diaper
2 tooth picks
dental floss
toy cape
3 pull ups
2 pairs of socks (not matching)
child harness
2 business cards
chain from broken necklace
twisty tie
5 cheerios
drinking straw
2 towel racks (I need to return)
1 toilet paper holder (also need to return)
stroller attachment (I don't even own the stroller anymore)
4 pretzels
plastic dog
jumper cables
bag of silk flowers
1 shoe
french fry container
jewelry box
5 sucker sticks
2 corn dog sticks
6 fishy crackers
1 sippy cup with moldy juice
1 sippy cup with milk cottage cheese
broken Styrofoam cup
paper from Sunday School
price tag
baby doll sock
little people hay stack
toy purse
pop top
toy ax
medicine spoon
medicine cup
9 plastic dinosaurs
mesh bag
bible study book (lost and now found)
daughters short's
daughters pj's
3 pair of underwear
eye patch
1 dried black olive
3 lip glosses
more crumbs than one person can count
hand gel (after sitting in this car we could lick the cart handle at Walmart and be fine!)
1 raisin (it probably started as a grape)
and one blanket......

So we could feed a small country with the remains of this nasty minivan, we can change clothes and even touch up our makeup not to mention my kids could entertain themselves for hours on the toys in here!  I am really surprised, it's almost embarrassing but I know you all love me and I am just to busy painting my nails and educating my children while organizing our clothes to clean out the car.  But I can promise you this if Daddy sees this list he will never buy me a new car, never ever!
I know I have won the award for dirtiest car but you can still head over to Rocks in my Dryer and see what others have found in their cars.


Katz said...

Yeah. I didn't even have the patience to list EVERYTHING that I found. I just tossed. I almost didn't WANT to know.

Twice Blessed said...

Size 2 diaper...now that's been there a while...like 2 years!! How can that be? I'll tell you that your car is deceiving because I would've never guessed all the stuff. You should've had a carnival to guess the number of items removed. I'll take a picture of your clean car to show you the next time it starts getting out of hand.

Alicia said...

And a partridge in a pear tree! Holy cow! You rock for writing that all down!

We are THAT Family said...

Happy Mommy, You win in my book! Oh. My. That. Is. A. Long. List. I'm laughing so hard. How did you all fit in there?

On second thought, maybe you shouldn't have cleaned it out because you could survive on the old food and entertain your children for days in case you ever have to live in your car!

Deb said...

I just have one question. Were the M&M's viable? For the love of god woman ... tell me you were able to save the M&M's!!

goldengirls said...

Is it possible to have that much in one car? We are going away too, so we have to do the same thing! Dreading it... Have a great vacation!

Becky said...

Did you find any children that didn't belong to you?

Funny thing happened to me tonight...I drove home from a graduation party and found four extra boys in my trunk.

(Okay, so they were invited to sleepover, but it sounded good.)

By the way...what I want to know is did you actually make a list as you were cleaning out the car?


Amanda said...

You have a problem. I've looked at so many of these car cleaning lists, and yours is at least three times as long as any I've seen so far. I think you may find you'll get better gas mileage now. :) [Just kidding!] You guys have a wonderful trip!

Happy Mommy said...

Becky my Mom made the list for me as I took each and every thing out of the car, and she could not believe I was actually going to tell this mess on my self!

Razor Family Farms said...

Could it be? You have likely indexed the contents of my purse. I lug it. I haul it. I fill it with more junk than one would think would be humanly possible. It is the clown car of all purses -- seemingly innocent but the stuff just keeps pouring out of it.

Have a blast on vacation!


The G's said...

Who did the underwear belong to? :)

Growin' with it! said...

you drive a limo, right? this was a long list. makes me very fearful to look closer to the inside of ours. the 2 used bandaids sounded the most familiar. gross kids of mine.

anyways, i'm curious if you have a dog...you do right? because i'm thinking just letting it roam around in there for a little ride will dissolve half of this list. mine thrive on finding hard french fries!!!