Monday, June 16, 2008

High School Confessions

This morning while scanning through the blogs I read, I read a very funny post from Big Mama about high school, and you know what happened I started thinking about a time back in gym class...

I was one of those girls who was chubby all through grade school and then about 7th grade grew 4 inches and started wearing makeup, got noticed by boys and lost my mind altogether.
In the 10th grade I started hanging out with the more popular crowd, I even sat at their table for lunch which consisted of Diet Pepsi and french fries.  I had a friend who was a very sweet girl her name was Mandy Campbell, we weren't come over to my house kind of friends but we did hang out in gym class and at lunch.  She was a very sweet girl but the best thing about old Mandy was her hot and older boyfriend, his name was Bobby he was a big flirt and made me feel pretty and for the life of me I can't remember his last name.
It started pretty innocently he started flirting and I flirted back.  I am sure you can figure out by now that I was becoming one of those girls the girls we don't like!
It was almost the end of the year and Bobby slipped me a note, we had testing at school and we went in late on that doomed Wednesday.  Bobby had a plan, he wanted to come over and pick me up early and take me to school, I was hooked line and sinker.  We exchanged very incriminating notes all day on Tuesday.
My BFF Danielle thought this was a really bad idea, she just knew Mandy would find out.  I'm not sure if she was as worried about me as she was about loosing our spot at the cool table.
Wednesday morning came and Bobby showed up early as planned, we had a heavy above the neck make out session and then went to school.
By second period I knew all was a bust, eyes were on me, whispers from the back of the class room, and worst off all Mandy's best friend Charity, just rolled her eyes at me and wouldn't even speak to me.  
At Gym Mandy marched right up to me, I fully expected to get punched or something, but she was crying, she threw the notes at me and told me Bobby told me how he tricked you into thinking he liked you to see if you were really my friend...  I was just as dumb founded as she was I said I am sorry Mandy she did not forgive me, she loved him, he made a fool of me, both of us lost out that day, I never got to sit at the cool table again and ol' Bobby went on to cheat on Mandy many more times.
Funny thing is I really thought for years that he had tricked me as I grew up I realized he was a cheat, but so was I that day, never again.
His name was Bobby Schroeder I just remembered.  If you ever Google your name and find your self here Bobby, I hope you grew up, and thank you for teaching how to never act again, getting caught sucked way more than the excitement of kissing you!
I hated high school the drama the never knowing how to fit in, the lying and partying.
I'm glad to be grown up!


San Francisco Photos said...

Growing up does a lot to people!!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

HAHAH!! I love how you do the "if you google yourself"!!! Tee hee! Nothing like a little PERMANANT DAMAGE via the INTERNET to wake someone up. haha

Amy said...

I am too so glad to be grown up. I feel lucky to have met a man that I can be myself and have fun with. High School sure has it's ups and downs. Makes me worry about the things Madi will go through. But, those things teach us life lessons as well.

MoziEsmé said...

There are times I am SO glad I'm not a teenager any more!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Now that's a nice way of "getting off your chest" why I think it's the best way...and believe me all of us has been there done that!

Your forgiven...million times over!

Twice Blessed said...

You crack me up girl! Did you snake kiss him or were you well practiced by then?

Happy Mommy said...

TBM~ I was well practiced by then.

Anonymous said...

I am sure we all have high school moments that helped us grow up fast! I for one would NEVER go back! Now college, that is another story altogether! Praise God for forgiveness and abundant life after our mistakes!