Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

First things first my camera my beloved camera in which I take all pictures for this blog and the camera in which I capture my children's moments is broken!  Can you hear me crying because I am!  It has been having this funny flashing light and it was having some trouble on our vacation but today it gave up.  Daddy did some research on the net and found that it is a common problem and can only be fixed by a professional...  At a minimum of $281.00 not $282 or $290 but $281.  I guess that's what happens when you buy a $2000 camera it costs a lot to fix.  We love our camera!

I woke Daddy up with breakfast in bed, an omelet and fresh fruit and hot coffee.  Then we went to church had a great service and came home had a little lunch.  We had a water balloon fight after that.  That's when we realized the camera was broken, because you all know I am a blogger and I would have given you pictures of our lovely water fun.   The kids all have a little bit of a cold, you know runny nose and sore throat but mostly really cranky, so we had them all take a nap before the rest of the family came over for dinner.  Even Luke who is almost 7 was asleep in 5 minutes.
Daddy and I sat out on our front porch, in our rocking chairs under the outdoor fan rocking and reading our books, it was so peaceful sitting in silence with my best friend the man who made me a mother, the man I love with all my heart, the most wonderful father.  We saw several humming birds and then our family arrived.
I made BBQ chicken and my famous beans, a big pot of collard greens and better than Robert Redford cake.  We all got really full and played a game of corn hole.  Corn hole is kind of like horse shoes, but you have two boards with holes in them set 30 feet apart and you toss corn filled bags at the hole trying to make it onto the board or in the hole.  
My Grandpa had very pressing matters today so he could not participate our corn hole battle, see Tiger Woods was playing golf and it is Fathers Day so we let him do what he loves watch golffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff  oh sorry I fell asleep just typing it...

All in all we had a great day!  Please keep Daddy in your prayers he has knee surgery on Tuesday morning.  I have been putting it off in my mind but its here ya'll so please pray for his safety and that he won't hurt to bad!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! I'll keep your dad in my prayers!

We are THAT Family said...

Sounds like your day was awesome! We had sick kids too, so we just stayed home all day. It turned out to be really nice because we cooked and laughed and let the kids stay in their pajamas.

Will be praying that things go smoothly on Tuesday.

And I would be soooo sad if my camera got sick. I totally understand!

Happy Mommy said...

One More~ When I reference Daddy on my blog I am talking about my husband. Since I am Happy Mommy he is Happy Daddy or just Daddy.

Stacy said...

We had a cook out in Emily's big yard... fun. (cornhole - too!)

Grilled chicken, roasted corn, squash, and best of all - She made blackberry pie. The filling reminded me of a certain lady that we had in our lives ten years ago.
I told Em she should email that recipe to you as it was really good.

Look for pictures on her facebook.

Twice Blessed said...

Sorry we missed such a nice day...I missed you! So sorry for your loss (camera).

Amanda said...

we let him do what he loves watch golffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff oh sorry I fell asleep just typing it...

That is hilarious! We were watching the same tournament here, but we all actually enjoy it! All in all, it sounds like you guys had a super day! (We're going to have to figure out cornhole.)