Friday, June 27, 2008

Hamburger and French Fries

Today I had to take my Mom to the Eye Doctor, she has been having really blurry vision and we have recently found out she has cataracts and need surgery.  So we had to go to a large town about an hour and a half away.  We decided to eat lunch on the way and make a day of it.  The kids wanted McDonalds (Kung Fu Panda Toys) my Mother and I have been really serious about counting our points with WW so we even planed before we went that we would have salad.  After we ordered (I had the Asian Grilled Chicken with low fat Sesame Ginger dressing) I found a nutritional guide and get this I could have had a hamburger and small fry for the same points?!?!
I was astounded!  I love salty greasy fries.  But no I ate like a rabbit today and still had no points left for dessert.
My mom will be having surgery in July on her left eye and again in August on the right eye, my mom is only 51 and we were really shocked that she even had cataracts, it seem that the cause is using her inhaler for asthma, it causes cataracts, who knew?  
I will post some yummy recipe tomorrow.  Have a good night!


We are THAT Family said...

We've been counting points too and yesterday we went to Mc'D's too and I opted for the salty choice!

I hope your mom does well! We're off to our family reunion in the morning!

Marni Tiani Self said...

My thoughts are with you and your mommy. :)

Stacy said...

Dad had his right eye done yesterday. He drove himself to the doctor and planned to drive himself home under anesthesia and a gauze patch. Needless to say, the nurse made a phone call for someone to come and get him. I felt like "Daughter of the Year".

I had no idea he was doing that!

Oh, Wendy's Jr. Hamburger with mustard and onion - six points. That and a side salad with half a packet of Low Fat Honey Mustard makes a decent low point meal. Some salads are sneaky, so be careful! I maintained my weight today. It was my first time to not have a loss since April 19 so I feel defeated. Sigh.

Amy said...

Sorry, to hear that about your mom. She's so sweet and always giving me compliments. I just love her. Tell her we'll be praying for a speedy recovery.
I too love salty greasy fries!

Becky said...

Yummo...salty fries with ketchup are calling my name right now. I'll be back after a trip to the drive through.

Amanda said...

I've been counting points too and would trade a whole day of points for that salty goodness! The ice cream cone is what, three points? Did you not have flex points for that?

I went on a road trip once without my points info and ate Asian salads from Wendy's the whole time. I HATE salads, so I really thought I was eating in a healthy way. I ended up gaining weight. Lesson learned.

Gotta GROW with it said...

well just to let you know...i chose the cheeseburger and fries on our trip to kung fu panda...i mean mc'ds last night and you my dear are the healthier one! way to go!

Twice Blessed said...

Hey, if you get the grilled chicken classic w/out mayo, it's only 6 points and if you MUST have greasy fries, the small are only 5 points... I know that 11 points are alot for lunch but ok for dinner if for some reason you (of all people) don't feel like cooking...or, after swim lessons later this summer. See you Friday!