Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wildlife abounds

Here in the house of Happy we have had a few adventures as of late....  The skunk from almost 2 weeks ago has still been smelling up my house.  We have only gotten 2 eggs a day since the horrible bear attack on Sunday, and I really think the chickens are still freaked out.  
We haven't had any signs of the bear for the last few days and the wildlife biologist has not returned my call either, which really ticks me off!
Today while I was strolling through Walmart trying to skim over all the new stuff the phone rings, its HD who says where are you?  Walmart.  Good buy some formula.  What for.  A baby.  A baby what!  A baby flying squirrel.
Apparently HD forgot that we have a squirrel dog trained to kill squirrels, hello!  He was working on a phone line some 30 feet up in the air and in the transformer box a mother flying squirrel had made a home for herself and her babies.  HD is bringing them home for me to bottle feed until they are big enough to be let go.  Isn't that a welcomed thought your husband working on a phone line 30 feet up and then carrying little squirrels down the ladder, not so much!
I guess it will be a good home school experience for the kids.  Here is a picture of a flying squirrel if you haven't ever seen any before, they are also called sugar gliders in the pet stores.

The are cute, cuter than a bear and much nicer smelling than a skunk!


Giovanna Diaries said...

Cute & Scary at the same time!
Better than the bear!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Guess you need be careful what you pray for lol! Just incase maybe you should clarify to both HD and God your wanting a "human baby" lOl...what cute fun, goodluck with that!

One More Equals Four said...

Oh, How fun! I would like to raise a little squirrel. However, with our animal luck around here, I have to believe that somehow things would go horribly wrong.

Happy Mommy said...

Dawn~ For real! I want a human not 4 little marsupials! They are very cute! We are trying to bottle feed them, but they aren't taking to it as well as we thought... We will see. Sad, HD had to move them its his job and all, but he did have the heart to leave them on the ground for fear of dogs or cats.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

OMG! Is that thing spread open like a bat? I'm kinda scared of it as well as the bear! You can tell I'm all accent and not a country girl, right?!
HD is sweet like Andy...who saves turtles in the road btw:) I love a man with a big heart.

marky said...

I think you are due for a name change.. Dr. Doolittle!
Keep us posted on the wildlife.

Twice Blessed said...

Can't wait to visit your zoo! said...

Adorable! I want one! Why should Paris Hilton be the only one with exotic pets? I would look terrific with one of those perched on my shoulder or peeking out of my purse. Would I not?

Kidding of course. But that thing is precious!


Growin' with it! said...

i'd say that is a great way to get a "baby fix" for now!!

Kristy with a K said...

I'm alittle nervous. Not only is there a bear at your house, but now these little defenseless mouse, looking things. OH NO. I have to feed them too. Lord Help Me. Yeah, remind God HIS vision he gave you was for 4 children!!!