Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Low Down

I tell you we have had a heck of a week.  MRSA, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Double Ear Infections....
My oldest son Luke has been really sick!  If you remember 2 weeks ago it was Bo and Daisy and this week was all Luke he is still so sick that he can't lay all the way down or he coughs and his ears are constantly draining like his poor nose.  On a brighter note, I am feeling better and my leg is usable again at least.  I will have a very small scar on my right shin from the MRSA but other than being really tired I am feeling better.
I mentioned that the medication for MRSA in unsafe in pregnancy and again this month that is no longer a worry, talk about double edge sword.  I know with a very sound mind that if I was pregnant I would worry about the baby and I also know it was not the right time, but for some reason it doesn't hurt less...  I still want us to have more children.  
I do now however have a whole month to lose the weight I need.  See we had the vasectomy reversal in Feb and I kinda ate like I was pregnant even though I so wasn't and now 7 months later I have 10 pounds OK I am telling a big fat lie it's closer to 20.  I guess after doing so well with WW and losing over 95 pounds being at a size 10 doesn't feel fat (Now I know some of you think a size 10 is not fat and it isn't for everyone I am a shorty porty only 5'3 and others of you might just think that Happy Mommy is a lard "A" yes I did just type lard "A" I can't believe I even think lard "A" ok I am way off track here) but it doesn't feel thin either, and to be honest since I am all open like that my jeans are a bit tight these days.  I know how it happens it happens quick, its a cookie here and a casserole there and then the chicken wing dip never helps.  
I need to get with it and lose what I can before I do finally get pregnant I want the best start for the baby as possible!  It was really funny but this morning while I was getting ready to take Bo to his game (he won 3 to 2 go Indians) I was standing in front of the mirror and after 3 kids it's really not to pretty but what came to my mind was "It must me jelly cause jam don't shake like that!" so I am starting WW again for the 83748716597109645 time and I will be Victorious!
Have I ever mentioned that I only have ever gotten pregnant in Oct or Nov guess what happens in Oct and Nov it hunting season, I think there might be a connection...

Happy Saturday, have fun, eat for me and my jelly belly will ya, oh and please pray for Luke!


JMR said...

Oh how I feel for you! I have found it's even tough to be really excited for others around that are blessed with getting pregnant. One of my good friends just found out she's FINALLY pregnant with her first (they have been trying for YEARS). I am truly happy for their blessing and can't wait for her to be a Mom but I still feel that deep pang inside of me, wishing I too could be pregnant and have more children, in my timing.

I will pray for the health and safety of your family. I hope you were not in the way of Ike or all the flooding. We have been raining here (midwest) for several days straight now. It looks like we have lake front property...which we do not!

Just in case, my email is a "y" mail account...I hope to get an email soon! :)

P.S. He loves you... said...

finally! I was able to catch up a your here's goes:

Your poor poor puppy dog!
What funny name for a dip, did you get slapped?!
Love how all your faces looked into the game/ride in the FRO pix.

I would never do a prego pix like this..but you made it very beautiful!
Sorry about your leg!
You are a very pretty size 10 and I'm sure your dh agrees!
Your students look like they love school and their teacher, wonderful!
And lastly...are you warning us D day is coming? And if so YAY!

O' and I did the mommy and me meme which circled around to you and came back to me! It's a small blog world afterall!

Have a great day and weekend!

marky said...

My little man was quite sick too, finally took a turn for the better! Glad to hear that your crew is on the mend.And prayers for Luke to mend quickly. Your jelly/jam comment was hysterical!
And funny as it sounds I too have had 5 pregnancies, and they all occured in late fall. 3 June births, one Aug and a late May due date of the one we lost.
Hunting/pregnancy??? interesting connection!

Kelly's 3 said...

ah...hunting season starts around here too in 2 more weeks! It's bittersweet for me b/c I hate being left alone but then again I am so much more productive when he is gone.