Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let me tell you a story of a dog I once loved

It all started last Saturday, HD was so excited about the first day of squirrel season and yes we eat squirrel and yes we are red necks and yes I make gravy with it and yes I am bare footed right now...

Anyway the Christmas before last HD talked me into getting the kids a little squirrel dog which means that he really wanted a dog y'all, and in honor of Jesus Birthday we gave our kids this little puppy his name is Bo

We love Bo he is a good dog I can count on both hand the number of accidents he had in the house as a puppy, he is smart! He is also a very sweet dog, he seems tender hearted if you will, he never needs to be yelled at like my other stubborn bull headed bull dog Star

I guess when you are 110 pounds you can be stubborn...

At 10 months old Bo got bit by a copper head snake and as HD ran him into the house his whole body froze with paralysis it was awful, we gave him mass doses of vitamin C and a shot of penicillin (we keep penicillin ever since the stubborn bull dog got bit by a copper head snake the fall before, big difference in size) We prayed all night, that when morning came we wouldn't have to tell our kids that while they were asleep their beloved dog the dog we had all grown to love so much had been bitten by a snake and....
God blessed our little dog he woke up in the morning moving slowly but better! He has now made it his personal mission to alert us to all snakes of all kinds large and small and make sure we remove them, his bark changes and he comes and gets us. For real like he really tells us.
He guards our chickens, never chasing them or barking, he is the all around dog.
His favorite spot is on the back of our couch were he can see out the window and watch for squirrels to go tree. At night he scoots under our bed, never on the bed but under it, He is a great dog.
On with the story, last Saturday they all headed out for a hunt, the first hunt of the year the gun has been sighted the kids were excited the dog was ready! It all started really well HD tells me he treed a few that's hunt'n terms (you just never know what your gonna learn over here at the Happy house)

I was at home preparing for my mom's birthday dinner, Twice Blessed Mommy was at my house and Ruby Wife was giving my mom a pedicure all was relaxing and well until the worst thing happened it is really almost to hard to talk about...

It started like this

And ended like this

My dog found this, and that's not a nice black kitty with a white stripe, OH NO it's it's a SKUNK!

Now let me say HD did a few things right in this situation, he told the boys to get back! He grabbed the camera, but he forgot to grab the dog, instead he took a picture of the skunk, and then the skunk sprayed our dog, the dog we love but can no longer be around, then he brings the stink dog home and opens the door to yell for me and lets it in the house, Ruby Wife is like ready to pop pregnant and she almost got sick right on my mom's feet!

We have bathed him in Tomato juice, lemon juice, mouth wash, mouth wash and dish soap, fabric softener, fabric softener and mouth wash, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, we have tried every concoction known to man!

As for the dog we once loved, we love him but he has been spending a lot of time outside! We let him in right as we are going to bed and put him in his cage, by the time the sun comes up the whole house is stinking again so out he goes! I hope it starts to wear off before it gets cold!


Ruby Wife said...

I don't think I'll ever forget the smell your 'sweet' dog! Poor Bobee! Bring him on over, he and Goldie can play (outside) since I've kicked her out too since obvisously there is no tick repellent known to man that works! At least for her.

Look at his cute face!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! I love it...not for y'all, but I'm laughin' my bootie off! You had me going though...I thought the poor dog died! How is the MRSA? Is it improving? Do you have any idea how you got it again? I'm I get to go to the E woman conference YEAH!!!! Heather

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Poor Ruby's wife! I think I might have gagged to if I were not a redneck also! (althought I must say I could never eat squirrel even if you made it with a Lot of gravy!)
Cute story & what a cute little dog:)

A friend of mine in high school got sprayed by a skunk at the bus stop. Instead of going home she got on the bus and about made all of us sick!! Needless to say, the teachers sent her home to take the tomato juice bath and come back.

Billie said...

I have heard that douche will work to get the smell out. You have to let the dog sit in it for about 15 minutes before drying.
Good luck! My SIL had her dog sprayed and now he is very good at pointing out skunks from far away :) He doesn't want to be sprayed again.
If you don't want to buy the douche try hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/ and a touch of Febreze (or laundry soap) mixed together. You need to break down the oils.

I hope you have a clean loving dog again soon!

One More Equals Four said...

My Brother in Law got sprayed by a skunk while running and they had a HORRIBLE time removing the sorry about the dog. I do find it amusing that I share a name with the other one, at least it is cute!

I left you an award on my blog...go check it out when you get a chance! said...

In my experience, nothing but time works on skunk! Love this post! You are so sweet and I am so glad that you are feeling better.


P.S. Thank you for your kind words. You are such a blessing!

Twice Blessed said...

Poor Bo...hey wait....your dog and kid have the same name??????? The smell was horrific! It was funny when Ruby wife almost barfed on Kristy!! Has the smell at least faded a little??

Happy Mommy said...

Funny very funny TBM~ The kids names are changed but unless there dog predators I am unaware of, I did not change his name to protect the innocent....
You make me laugh and I wonder who else caught that!

Melanie said...

I did! I had to read the comments to see if anyone else wondered if you named your dog after your child! :-)