Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fro Me to You~ My pregnant friend

* I had to delete most of the pictures from this post due to the large number they corrupted my blog!  I will re post them in another post.

* The reason for my long blog break is not due to school, or vacation... I have been bedridden y'all! I had MRSA on my lower right leg causing me to be unable to walk. I have had 3 very strong doses of medicine and am on 2 different kinds of antibiotics. One of the antibiotics is iffy if you are pregnant and with us trying, it has had me scared. My cycle is over on Sunday so I don't even know what to pray except Gods will, I have wanted to be pregnant for so long but with such a horrible infection this doesn't seem like the right time.*

On Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of photographing Ruby wife and family. First let me say Ruby Wife is such a wonderful friend, she is beautiful from the inside out! I have loved taking pictures since Luke was a baby. Ruby Wife asked me to do her maternity photo's and I was honored and excited. We took over 200 pictures on Sunday over a 5 hour time period. I wanted to share some of the pictures with you all. Ruby Wife is so excited for me to share them as well. Her new baby boy will be making his entrance around 10/16.

These are my favorites

Hope you enjoyed Ruby Wife pictures as much as I did!
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Ruby Wife said...

OH!!!! I'm so excited! I love them! Thank you for sharing you beautiful talent!!!! The 'belly' is famous!!

Love you!

marky said...

What Beautiful Pictures!! So makes me wish that I would have had my photo taken in my pregnancies.

Sorry to hear about your MRSA..that is certainly not a bug to mess around with.
Praying for your quick healing!

JMR said...

I LOVE the pictures! The places you took the pictures were beautiful!

Do you have any idea how you got the MRSA? I hope you're feeling better! That is so scary.

Another month has passed for us without getting pregnant; I hope it is different for you! I know God's timing is perfect so if you're not this month, don't get too overwhelmed. Since we are both trying, I'd love to be able to email you and chat with you. My email is me_ab at ymail dot com if you're interested.

We are THAT Family said...

Oh, I've wondered where you were....hope you're on the mend. My 8 yr old was hospitalized 3 years ago with that--very scary!

Those pictures are marvelous! You are so talented!

Make sure you link up next Thursday because I'm giving away a very cool prize from the 80's! said...

What beautiful pictures! I actually cried when I saw them!

The love just radiates from the pictures.

I hope you are feeling better!


Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

I love all the photos. She is so pretty, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Losta preggo pictures this week, mine included :-)

Happy Mommy said...

JMR~ We took these pictures on our land. We have a lovely creek, and that's my windy road they are walking on...
I love living in the country where the view is always pleasing!

jennifer said...

Stunning! These pictures and the emotion that they represent are just breath taking.


Ramblings of Kimberly said...

What great pictures!!!!!!!!

D... said...

Gorgeous wonderful beautiful! Those photos will be treasured forever.

I'm sorry you have been so ill. I can understand your concern about the medicine. I pray everything works out for the best.

HDMac said...

That is one very loved baby!!!! :)

Valarie said...

Those pictures are great, you really did a good job. :)

Growin' with it! said...

oh how i've missed you! for some reason i try over and over again and your sight won't fully load. that's the deal on my computer at home. so pff...bother, i'll try to figure out what's up!!

I LOVED these photos. i am such a photographer wanna be and so i enjoyed these a lot!

hope you're feeling better!

Muthering Heights said...

Dang, I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant! Sheesh!

I'm sorry to hear about the MRSA on your leg though. :(

Twice Blessed said...

We're next! Ruby wife looks lovely as always and her family is beautiful.. I like the one where her and Wendy are looking at each other. So when is our photo shoot????

Twice Blessed said...

Ohhhh ~ and the FEET! I love the FEET picture.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

AMAZING photography! Just beautiful. I am just getting caught up after a busy week.
Hope you are feeling better.


Becky said...

I envy the people who are brave enough to do the preggo photos.

Not me.

But I have a confession...I get wierded out with the dads, siblings, etc touching or kissing bellies.

I cannot stand to have my belly touched when I am pregnant. Is that wierd?

I know that some people just love it...but dude...hands off the knocked up Maid! :)

Glad I can get on your blog again.

Missed all of the fun.