Sunday, July 13, 2008

When we moved to No Where

*I have no idea why this looks so strange and I am out of town so I can't fool with it now....
So try and understand this funny mess, it is fitting with this post.

Kristen at We are THAT Family has a offered a great button for those of us who are
also THAT family, you know the ones... I was inspired to share a time that every
thing went wrong.
We decided 4 years ago to move from our very upper class neighborhood where
I drove a Cadillac) to a town 4 hours away in the middle of no where (driving an 
old ugly green mini van)... Let me tell you why.  
HD was working with a large computer company and he traveled away from us 
(then Luke and Bo) 5 days a  week, he left at 3 am on Monday morning and 
returned sometime friday normally around 8 or 9 at night. We had prayed for 
years for HD to find a local job but to be honest he made so much money nothing 
could compare. Anyway, while camping near the place we live now, God started 
working on my heart, I felt instantly like we are supposed to live here, and in one 
week we had scoured the home ads and made a God lead decision to move to a 
town 4 hours away because the cost of living and lifestyle was so much less, but 
we would have so much more, HD home with us! It was a really hard decision,
we were very involved in our church being church planters, HD ran the sound board, 
helped every week to pull the truck full of portable church things (we met in a roller
skating rink) and helped set the whole church up, I was helping with worship and 
the nursery .... 
So we were leaving alot behind to go to a place we know not one single person, but 
still believing God is totally leading us. My wonderful Brother and Sister in law came 
from Ohio to help us pack up our 2 moving trucks, and head out to our new life.  
But the trouble began early, 2 trucks weren't enough we had to drive 80 miles an
hour to another town to get the only truck available on a holiday weekend, we go
it though. We drove on until 1 am finally arriving at our new home deep in the 
forest, I will never forget my Sister in laws face when we got out of our cars, she 
said This is no Where, you have a baby, this is out there... As we got out of the 
I excitedly said lets go look at the pool, it was a lovely above ground attached to 
our deck, as we came around the corner our feet got wet and it was not raining, 
but our pool had collapsed, all the walls were laid out in the yard and water was 
Everywhere.... Ok, maybe we didn't need a pool. We came inside things were well,
it was late and we both had little babies and toddlers, we laid down on the sleeping bags 
and went to bed. The next morning when the sun came up we saw that their was 
saving the pool so we cleaned up the mess while the guys started to unpack the 
trucks. A very odd oder was coming from our moving truck, it smelled like trash, 
not my trash more like a dumpster. As we made our way through the truck the 
smell was actually gagging us. When HD got to our mattress our brand new 
mattress our $2000 brand new mattress, he found this black stinky wet mess, it 
seems as if some of the generous church friends who helped us pack accidentally 
HD's Compost bucket, and then some one accidentally turned the box upside 
down which made the compost sludge spill out onto our new bed and every box it 
came in contact with... It was Sunday the day before Memorial Day in the middle 
no where, so we high tailed it to Sams Club 20 miles away and settled for a mid 
grade mattress that didn't smell like death. Memorial Day was fairly uneventful 
until we started unpacking my china cabinet, not one single dish was left, 
all of them were broken, every wine glass except 2, I was just as crushed as my 
dishes! I guess heading over the mountain and down one gravel road after 
another was to much for my lovely crystal. And then as we were working our 
way through the broken glass we here screaming from the bathroom where my 
brother in law and HD were giving the babies a bath, I came around the corner to 
see my 9 month old baby boy Bo covered in blood, his eye was split open and he 
was screaming so bad, I knew he need a plastic surgeon because I had been 
through this before with Luke but thats another story another THAT family story.  
We had a children's hospital back in our big town, I had no idea where to go or if 
they even had a children's hospital, we made our was to the hospital and indeed 
he did need a plastic surgeon to fix his eyelid, he need 9 stitches, we had to hold 
him in this strait jacket like wrapping while they fixed his little face, and yes we 
had to hold him that was so horrible, to see your baby helpless and being stitched
back together. It seems as if he stood up in the tub and fell before HD could grab
him he smacked his face on the side of the tub and it split right open. We were at
the hospital for 6 hours. The next morning it seemed really hot, it was because 
our air conditioning was broken, as I went for the phone we realized it was out....  
So no phone no air, in the middle of no where, I just kept thinking God must really 
want us here or did we move to the money pit? We used our cell to call the phone
company they told us it would be 5 business days, and have a lovely day, I would 
tell you how stupid they are but thankfully, 9 months later HD got the job that 
brought him home with that same phone company, so I love them and they pay 
the bills so I will leave all negative comments to myself ...So they come and fix 
the air for $400.00 and not but and hour later the power went out and stayed
out all day. By now let me tell you I felt like we had made a big mistake I want 
to go home back to the big town back to our friends away from no where.
The next day was the first day that seemed normal we even had a bonfire, because
we were country people now and we felt like we needed to burn something. All the
sudden a large deer ran through our yard and my dog chased it, she was gone all
night she was lost. HD slept on the couch, and called for her all night.

Our dog did come back about noon the next day. The lights have stayed on except for
a few winter storms. We have a best friend who works in heating and air so if
the air trys to go out we are covered. Bo's eye doesen't even have a visable scar. We
Love No Where, God has provided us with so much here, HD being home is the biggest
thing of all, our family felt so empty mon-fri, husbands and fathers are needed every
day. We have a wonderfully amazing church, we have great friends. We love small town,
I wouldn't leave No Where.


P.S. He loves you... said...

You know, we don't know "how much is too much"...but when we look back we can see the evidance of God giving us the strength to endure all those hard times!

I'm very glad you survived this and trusted HIM to know it would all work out!

Sounds like a really lovely place to be!

MoziEsmé said...

Oh my goodness - this sounds worse than Money Pit!

Anonymous said...

I'll remember this next time I am having "one of those days"! Thanks for sharing

bunchofbull-ers! said...

I SO know the feeling. When we moved here I had months of doubting if we were in God's will. It was crazy, stressful, & trying. ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER! Though my husband & I felt like the door had flung wide open for this move. More changes are in store for our family...and I am trying to remain faithful through it all!
The enemy really wants to seek & destroy, huh?!!

P.S. The Lord used this post as more confirmation. See my latest post!

Thanks Happy Mommy.


Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh my, that made me tired. I'm glad it all worked out. It always does when we obey God, doesn't it?

And yes, Daddy's are so very important.