Tuesday, July 1, 2008


You will never believe what I did last night....  HD pulled out the paint and had me touch up the hallway.  Now I thought I was the one over cleaning and over preparing for our family to come.  I guess he is too.  
So I started touching up the paint on the wall and the kids all three of them were playing in the boys room so well, they were laughing and having a great time.  I heard Luke the oldest say something about "me first I'm oldest" and "that's a really soft one" I decide now is a good time to peek in,  I look in the room to see they have taken all the decorative pillows off my bed and come down the wet painted hallway to stack them in their room and jump from the top bunk on to them.
I wish I could tell you I smiled and said something like "now now children, that's not safe"  or oh a little wet paint on the nicest pillows I have ever had and can't afford to buy any more is going to be hard to get out, but since you were having fun"....
People I lost it, I screamed and yelled and ranted and raved, I may have even jumped up and down its a blur now, Thank God.  I know I said "I can't have anything", I know I scared my kids, I know I felt like crap when I took time to hear what I was saying, and see the look on their faces.  My husband came in and took over got them ready for bed while I scrubbed the pillows and the paint came out, but I felt really bad.  I had totally over reacted.  I try to teach them not to act like that.
I went to them one at a time, I asked for them to forgive me for yelling and over reacting, I also told them that they are not allowed to play with my pillows, I forget sometimes that if we don't lay out each and every rule they don't know.  The pillows in the play room are for jumping on and playing on, not from the top bunk!  The worst  part for me is earlier that day my son Bo had broken a toy of Luke's, Luke had totally over reacted (I know where he gets it from) I had told him that toy's are never going to be as important as his relationship with his brother.  And Luke reminded me, pillows aren't as important as us momma...  I am a very forgiving person, and I am glad to say so are my kids, But most of all so is God.


P.S. He loves you... said...

It's those lessons HE teaches us as we are the ones learning them...if our kids have the oppurtunity to see this then they also learn from it!

Learning to confess and repent is the hardest of all to teach but it sounds like your doing one great job, IMHO!

Hang in there..

Amy said...

Happens to the best of us. I usually don't yell at Madi like that, but poor Andy. When I get upset he gets it sometimes! I'm like Kate on Jon & Kate plus 8!

Marni Tiani Self said...

Hey I just painted touch up's on my walls too!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh, I know that situation all to well. Thanks for being honest.

I'm so grateful we have a God who doesn't give up on us.

bunchofbull-ers! said...

yes..thanks for being honest! and thank you Jesus for GRACE. what a learning experience for all.
blessings to you ;O)

Amanda said...

Oh wow -- I'm sorry for such an experience, but let me tell you, you're not alone. Unfortunately, I could repeat your story quite a few times. Thanks for your honesty.

I think the experience will probably serve as an object lesson to your kids. Next time one wants to overreact, you can encourage them to recall the day you overreacted (to think about how they felt, etc.), and to recall how you needed them to be merciful. God will use this too for good.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I just posted last week about our painting incident. It included the dumping of an entire galloon on the carpet--might make you feel better ;)

Loved the last line of this post!

Jill Porvaznik said...

hmmm...I must say you made my day...I did think "how can you lose it like this over nail polish?" but you reminded me of OUR humaness as moms and imperfect daughters of Christ. Thanks.