Sunday, July 20, 2008

The trip, the long night and the party.

We left on Thursday to take my mom to have the first of two cataract surgeries.  Her surgeon is in a large town about an hour and a half from where we live.  The surgery was a very big success!  She really didn't even experience much pain.  The hotel we stayed in had a pool so the kids were very pleased to say the least.
All went really well until bed time.  We go a room with two queen beds.  Bo and Daisy were to sleep with me, and Luke with my mom.  This seemed to make perfect sense while making the arrangements but let me tell you I couldn't have been  more WRONG!  Bo sleeps very still but the child is a human furnace who also steals covers repeatedly through the entire night.  And to my surprise Daisy will not remain covered she kicks the covers off all night long and if I try to cover myself she starts to kick landing the back of her heals into my stomach or arms or anything else that gets in her way all the while I am fighting to remain covered while Bo the furnace steals them and Daisy kicks me.
Now on the other side of the room Luke is kneeing my mother over and over and in between all that 
SHHHH, she snores really loud, now this is a secret so please don't say anything, she might get mad but since you all are just a few of my best 100 or more friends I wanted you all to understand just how bad the night was and ya'll it was bad!
So in between the loud snores and kicking and freezing cover less I thought I heard the fire alarm it was very muted but still I could hear a low whining noise, I ran to the door and opened it, nothing.  After 15 minutes looking around I realize the fridge is making the funny noise and I try again to sleep.
Longest night of my life I swear, and I have to do it again next month, Lord help me!
On Friday morning we got up early and went to her post op appointment and then we let the kids go swimming for a a couple hours to make up for the long car rides and everything.  I need to tell you all while we were at the pool a man I will refer to as Mr. Massachusetts because that's all I know or want to know about him,  was at the pool he was with his 2 sons.  I smiled at Mr. Massachusetts politely because my 2 boys were going to be splashing and canon balling for the duration of our visit and so I saw fit to at least smile and politely say hello because that's the SOUTHERN thing to do not for any other reason!  Now Mr. Massachusetts tried to make small talk, probably whipped my face with my left hand 30 times people to let this man know I am married, I even asked the kids loudly are you ready to go home and see Daddy, they said NO we want to swim, great that plan back fired.  This man just kept right on staring and smiling all big at me, it gave me the creeps!  I finally made mention that his son looked like his mother (I had seen them the night before at the pool) and he quickly said oh that's not my wife she is my sister! Yikes~!  The kids and tried to stay in the hot tub while he was in the pool and finally he left and not before telling me it has been a pleasure to meet you today, What!  I just think it is totally rude, I was evidently married and with 3 rowdy kids to boot.  So Mr. Massachusetts you need to mind your manners we southern woman say hello when we enter a room full of people out of politeness not interest and it was not a pleasure being watched by a very hairy man who had no manners!  Thank you very much!
We arrived home on Friday evening we stopped and had dinner with my grandparents.  We got home around 9pm I hurried to start making cakes.  Saturday was Bo and Daisy's birthday party which was a big hit!  I will post pictures tomorrow.  I can't wait for you all to see the cakes!  I am going to post them on Wednesday for WFMW.  You all are going to be so proud of me!  I did a great job on the Barbie princess cake and a Bug cake for Bo.
We had a fish fry for the birthday dinner and then the kids did a pinata it was a lot of fun!  The kids got all kinds of toys  Bo loved all his new Playmobile and if you have little boys and haven't found playmobile yet you need to get in the car right now and drive to the nearest Target or ToysRUs and get your son some!  Daisy got a new doll house from Twice Blessed Mommy and Daddy and all the furniture, she loves it!  We got her a few Barbie Island Princess things, the kids are watching the movie right now.  I will post some pictures tomorrow.


Stacy said...

Sorry, I really don't understand what he did wrong. ???

He made small talk. Did he say anything indiscreet? He probably didn't realize it that you thought anything more about it.

I talk to strangers all the time. Men and women. Gee... now I wonder if people think I'm flirting.

Happy Mommy said...

Oh Stacy, I am a talker, I talk to everyone men and women, but Mr. Mass. was staring and smiling inappropriately, and it wasn't the normal hello we both have kids lets talk kind of moment....
it was uncomfortable and if my mom wouldn't have been with us I would have left!

Kelly said...

I think when you get a funny feeling when someone is talking to you it's for a reason! Ugh.

You can post about the rag curls. I'm glad they worked out. I got the idea from that other blog I sent you so you can include her if you wanted too!

The G's said...

What's the deal with you and Twice Blessed Mommy running into crazies at the pool?

Gotta GROW with it said...

i told ya, you were a hot mamasita! ew gross Mr. "Mass"-o-perv. oh that's terrible of me. but does make my fur ruffle. if i had fur!

the whole sleeping part made me ache for you. i for one have never been one of those mom's who loves having their munchkins snuggle in bed w/ them all night. i don't sleep either. so i felt your pain!

P.S. He loves you... said...

I know what you mean HM it would give me the creeps also, you just never know these days so many "practice open relationships" eck!

Anyways thanks for stopping by, I'll be back to see your cakes!

Stacy said...

I'm glad your mom's surgery went well. I hope her vision clears up soon. I am bringing something for her when I come, and I hope she can see to enjoy it.
See you soon! Like tomorrow!

Kristy with a K said...

I thought women from the south were supposed to have manners!!!
Thanks for sharing my deepest secret with all your new friends...I told you to bring your ear plugs! Seriously, what a wonderful daughter I have to drive me back and forth 150 miles to and from appointments (9 times no less). Really - next time, bring your ear plugs!