Monday, December 22, 2008

Our new Church

I few weeks back I shared with you all how we had realized we were in the wrong church....  God has blessed us with the church he wants our family to go to!  We joined yesterday and were welcomed with open arms.  I am really excited to see where God leads us in our journey with this church!  

Now a funny story about some things that have happened in our new church already.  A few weeks ago we had a Sunday school class party and all the kids played really well together, Luke was extremely fond of a nine year old boy who said things like "way cool" and "awesome"  he also informed Luke of how he had a crush on a girl at church.
Now Luke being seven and all really didn't understand what the boy was talking about and Luke told us that the boy was crushing on the black haired  girl, with the "Black Haired Momma" that two girls really liked this boy and they were going to crush him....  HD and I found this to be hilarious, I tried to explain that a crush mean that you really like someone but HD interrupted me and told Luke that that crushing someone really hurts and that Luke should never "crush on anyone"!  We tried not to laugh from the front of the mini van but I was cracking up.
The next night at church the boys were all playing and the next thing I know one of the mom's tells me that Luke told her son that her daughter "Was REALLY HOT"  the mom really thought this was funny because she was sure my sweet seven year old had no idea what that meant and her seven year old son didn't either.  I asked Luke who told you to say that, he told me he heard the older boy say it, I told him that you don't say that, that's something Daddy's say to Mommy's he then became really upset and told me momma I don't know if she is hot, I have never ever  even touched her never!  He then told me she might be hot but I don't know if she is sick or something...
So it begins, boys crushing girls, girls crushing boys and maybe  someone has a fever!  I am going to let Luke think this is what they were talking about and just pray for him to stay more interested in action figures than girls for many more years.

We are opening our gifts tomorrow, so tonight is like Christmas Eve for the Happy Family.  We will be going to Twice Blessed Mommy's for Christmas.  I will try to post some pictures of our Christmas tomorrow!

Happy Monday.


JMR said...

I'm so happy you found a nice Church and second home! It sounds like there are going to be more fun "crush" and "fever" stories to come! Merry Christmas!

One More Equals Four said...

I am so glad you found a church home!

My boys have had a few converstions like this. Only I have them completely convinced that they are not allowed to go on a date till they are 27 so maybe they will stay naive a little longer!

Have a great Christmas and safe travels!

God bless!

littletoesandcheerios said...

That's great new about your new church!
The story on Luke is really cracking me up! Kids are so cute and innocent.

P.S.He loves you.. said...

Picking a church sounds allot like picking a new home. I have always belonged to the same church my whole life..yes a very long time.
It's my second home..;D

Glad your still a happy mommy who has found a place to fellowship!

Melissa said...

It is nice when you find a church that you feel so welcomed to and feel like it is "home". I'm glad you found that.

That is so funny about Luke. Kids are funny how they say things:)

Toni said...

It's so great to find a church you know is right. That is hilarious about the " i haven't evven touched her"

Growin' with it! said...

i absolutely LOVE it when my boys are clueless about the stuff going on around them that is waaay to old or even inappropriate for them to understand. your sweet boy is hilarious and adorable.

the common word i hear around here thanks to the influence of older cousins is "sweet". and i always respond..hmm, does it taste good?

Jenni said...

SO funny! I love it!