Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better Much Better!

By last night Luke and I were feeling just fine!  I was so hungry I could have eaten a whole 12 inch sub from Subway.  HD brought us home subs last night.  By this morning I was back to my self.  I whipped up some cookies for Daisy's homeschool  party and we have had a pretty good day!  I am praying that Daisy and Bo don't get sick because we have been to homeschool co-op and Walmart oh and to Toys R Us so we have pretty much given the flu to 5000 people if they come down with it in the next day....
Now lets talk toys, I went to Toys R Us with one mission in mind I was buying a Cozy Coupe for Tate and Reese (Twice Blessed Mommy's little ones) I was very disappointed to find that they no longer sell the old Coupe but a Pink and Purple girls model or a Fireman's boy model.  Did I mention this is a gift for both of them?  Now yes I do know there are woman firemen/women but when you buy a fireman toy it's not normally a girl you have in mind...  I did go with the firetruck coupe because it would just be wrong to give Tate a pink coupe for Christmas.  What happened to the old red and yellow one?
Have any of you started wrapping yet?  I really need to get busy!  We are going to visit Twice Blessed Mommy, Daddy and Kids this weekend to see the National Tree and have some fun together so I have to wrap all of our gifts to go up there, I will be wrapping all day tomorrow!
I look forward to sharing my tree with you on Friday, Kristen is having a little party where you can post pictures of your tree and Boo Mama is doing a Tour of Homes on Monday.  So stay tuned for some tree pictures.


We are THAT Family said...

I'm glad y'all are better! We've had ALL MANNER of illness' at our house. So, ready for it to pass!

marky said...

Hoping the rest of the clan stays well too!
I am shocked that they don't make the cute little red/yellow car anymore!! We had the blue van when my younger ones were littles..
I forgot about the tree thing.. Mine is less than impressive LOL!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!! I didn't know they didn't make the red & yellow coupe either. Some things are better left unchanged:) have fun wrapping, I haven't even started that yet!