Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are still on the move

We moved yet again in July, only 6 months from our first big move we made another big move. We are now somewhat closer to our old home, we are now back in the same state just several hours from our friends.
We are really really happy here, this is a small country town with southern charm to say the least. We are becoming active in our new church and the kids have jumped into football and dance classes and are really loving it here.
Still no baby in our future as of now, but I will say as time continues to pass we are more at peace. We are really in no position to have a baby with 2 mortgages as we wait for hour old home to sell. Just recently we moved my mother and grandmother to this small town to live closer to us, they also love it here.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

GLad to see that you are doing well! Hugs!

Jody said...

I was hoping you still kept up on your blog. I just got internet back and saw your message on my facebook. It would be great to see you all. Good to hear you and your family are doing well.