Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things have been looking up

We moved....
HD's company moved us to a neighboring state. I really hated it at first, to be honest I felt like God was just not listening to me anymore, after two years of begging, pleading and crying for a baby still God was saying wait or maybe NO and I was not hearing very clearly. Then we were moved away from our comfort zone. From all of our friends, from our beautiful home.
Have you ever felt like GOD where are you? Boy I have felt like that more in the last few months of my life than any other time. Yet he is right here. He never pulls away, we do, He never leaves when we don't do what He want's us to, Yet when He doesn't do what we want we pull away, He never stops loving us.
I have started to make some friends here and it is not the worst place in the world to live, it is colder which if you have ever read this blog you know there are two things I hate more than anything else, Rain and snow... But even with that I am adjusting
We are renting a small house in the city, talk about big change from a 12 acre mini farm with our own chickens to the city with a bus stop right in front of our house! CRAZY! The kids like it, it only takes 5 minutes to get anywhere. There are great restaurants on every corner, that is nice too!
We have a basement to play in, a walk up attic to hide in, and they have made the best of it. HD and I have really relied on each other for friendship which I had never realized had shifted, we had so many friends back in our old town that we didn't need to talk as much. Here we only have each other, it has been nice to get back to ourselves and the relationship we value so much.
This area is not a churched community, that is a big difference from our old city which had one of the biggest Christian Colleges in the country. I know God wants us here, I know our story will help more people here, I know I don't always get what I want.... I also know God loves me even when He tells me no....


littletoesandcheerios said...

Well said girl! This change of ours has been weird for me too. But, family wise it is better for all of us and HE knows it :)

Michelle said...

sorry that you had a hard time at first adjusting and glad that it seems to be getting better.

the picture at the bottom of your blog {Easter 2010} is beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

I look forward to your posts. I'm glad things went well with the move. I'm sure it is hard to be away from your friends and family.