Friday, January 9, 2009

Small things can mean so much

Last night HD went to Walmart with me....  Let me tell you it really meant the world to me!  I love grocery shopping, I really do.  Nothing brings much more satisfaction than to fill our cabinets and fridge with healthy food and make nutritious meals for our family.  The problem, shopping for two weeks at a time with 3 small children it toe.
So, last night HD went to the store with us, he got a cart for Daisy to ride in the front and Bo to sit on the coats in the back.  He took the kids and would go fetch an item or two meet back up with me and I would send him on the next hunt.  He really enjoyed the time with the kids and I was able to get our shopping done in less than 2 hours, and we made it to Sams Club too.
This is such a wonderfully kind thing because HD does not like shopping, he actually hates shopping unless it's at a sporting goods store.  
On Wednesday HD took a vacation day to stay home and spend the day with us.  I decided he should see what our school day looks like, he really doesn't get a chance to watch the kids do school so he really has no idea what a whole homeschooling day looks like.  He was surprised, I guess he thought it went faster or maybe that it was  easier...  I guess he was unaware of how many times a day the kids interrupt me or that they have so many different needs or how different each one of their schooling is, from second grade to Kindergarten and even pre K with Daisy.  He was full of compliments at the end of our day, from "it is really a hard  job, you do" to "boy our kids are smart"!  It was really good for him and in turn he realized my days are hard and last night he made my job as a ~stay home wife, mother, home school teacher, nurse, cook, and  maid  much easier!
Tonight we are going on a much needed date!  My mom is  keeping the kids over night she is even coming to pick them up to give me more time to get ready.  We are going to Panara Bread for dinner.  I have never been there before so I look forward to trying something new.  We are also going to go to a movie, and maybe even to Starbucks for coffee.  We have no curfew, no kids, I am really excited!  I even scheduled a couples massage for us in the morning before we have to go pick up the kids.  As much as I am in love with my husband and as attracted to him as I am and always have been, his sweet gesture last night has made me even more excited to be alone with him, and spend time with just us!  
I hope your Friday night is great I know mine will be!


Melissa said...

That is nice that he went with you & took the kids in one cart:) That does help, I know when I take my kids it's always no don't touch that, put that back when you have someone else with you it makes a difference.

That is so nice to have a date night with him! I hope you have a enjoyable time and the massage sounds so nice. What do you use for pre-k for Daisy?

Growin' with it! said...

waaa....i'm jealous! where to start? i guess with food. panara bread is/was one of my favorite spots. they do not exist out here on the west coast. a massage? green with envy. a night alone w/ hubby? ashamed. we do not do that enough. although we spend quite a bit of time together during the day, especially friday as its his day off...i think i need to be more creative like you and make more effort. oh enjoy it sweet friend. sooooo good for a marriage to make it a priority. and your love for your husband always encourages me! *smooch* (on the cheek) to you sister!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Hope you two have a great date! Fred & I have not had the house to ourselves in going on 2 years.
We rarely go out alone anywhere. :(
I love having the cabinets full myself...makes me feel so thankful.

Luther is not doing well...AT ALL.

Happy Mommy said...

Milissa~ Daisy is 3 so we use Dr. Seuss alphabet and number flash cards. I also have her color and cut, she really enjoys school time. Next year I think I am going to have her practice writing letter as well as doing the hooked on phonics preschool program at home.

One More Equals Four said...

ooo, have a super time on your date, I am jealous! I want to go on a date and have my kids spend the night somewhere...anywhere! Really, have fun, I have never been to Panera, but I hear it is great!

Anonymous said...

Mr. D and I do our grocery shopping like makes it soo much easier! I'm jealous...Panera Bread (my fav), date AND massages..AND no curfew! Girl, you must be on cloud 9! Hope you have fun...enjoyed talking w/ ya earlier!

JMR said...

You and your hubby really are a neat couple! Thanks for sharing all those things with us. I think the simplest things in life are the best things--like going grocery shopping together. I'm glad he got to see you in action as a teacher! Enjoy your date night and morning massages!