Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Money Well Spent

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have stressed and worried about what is the best gift to give.  Hundreds of times probably!  With Luke our oldest I wanted him to have everything and I over spent most every holiday.  I never bought with in the age range which always turned out to be a huge mistake!  With Bo I bought him expensive toys to make up for the fact that he had so many hand me downs.  One Christmas, it was his first Christmas I think I spent $80 on a stuffed Octopus with bells and mirrors that was supposed to be very intellectually stimulating all because we had everything else.  No matter how I spun that stupid thing he never would look at crawl to or play with it!
Now with Daisy being the only girl I wanted her to have barbies and babies and a toy kitchen and dress up clothes you know girly stuff.  All way to early though, she was just starting to speak in sentences when we bought her the kitchen and she didn't even know what to do with it.
So with all that in mind I really did some research this year.  I wanted to buy the kids age appropriate gifts that they would enjoy, learn from and remember.  I love that the boys are interested in action figures, we invested in more Playmobil this year we got them a Cowboy and Indian set, they have played with it every single day, and a Forestry set because with HD being a hunter the boys love playing with this set as well.  They were given the Tag reader, and it is worth every penny!  Even Daisy loves it, she is picking up some of the words by using it over and over.
Daisy got Bitty Baby Twins this year and she has proven to be a wonderful little mommy, it will be no time at all until she is ready for her American Girl.
Luke was given a Ball of Whacks, this is a great gift idea for any boy who likes to take apart and put together.  We got 2 really amazing board games one is an old classic called Shut The Box it is a math game and if you have kids who like to play games this is a great one it is fun and teaches math all at the same time.  We also got Blokus and even I am hooked, we have played almost everyday, its a little to advanced for Daisy at 3, but with supervision she has played with the pieces sorting and stacking them on the board making her own game.  The other game we got this Christmas is Cosmic Catch, I think this is my favorite game the kids got, all 5 of us can play together and it is not a long game.
Oh and we got the Wii Fit.  I found it on Amazon.com for over the retail value but really it has been worth the extra money I paid!  I have lost 2 pounds already.  I have been getting up at 5:30 and exercising before I make breakfast and I feel good.  
As far as I am concerned the money we spent this year was all on great toys and games.  I wish I could say that about every year!


Roger von Oech said...

I hope everybody enjoys the Ball of Whacks! Thanks for getting it. Best wishes!

One More Equals Four said...

We LOVE Playmobil, LOVE American Girl, and I got Wiifit, too and LOVE it. I have lost two pounds, gained two pounds, and lost another 1.5 pounds. Too much chocolate is just too much for the little balance board!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Good Job Happy Mommy! I want a Wii fit!
I guess we live and learn with our kids!
My 89 yr old Grandma has a Wii and she loves it!

Anonymous said...

Hey HM! We also got the TAG reader and all my kids love it (8,5,3,3). My favorite book is Walter The Farting Dog :) My big Christmas gift this year is the Wii Fit...now that we aren't traveling we are using it..even Mr.D...which is great b/c his work schedule really doesn't allow him to get to the gym...but both of us try real hard to get our 30 minutes so our little piggy will do the dance/jiggle. I'm still doing the gym thing, but this is something special for Mr.D &I...who would ever guess our quality time would be watching each other do hula hoops, steps and yoga poses on the Wii? :) Congrats on the weight loss! I gained so much over the Holidays I'm just excited that I've lost 0.4lbs in 1 day...only 15ish left to go :) Mrs. D

Melissa said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Mommy that used to do that to:) We have 2 girls 8 & 7 and a son who is 3. We did that with girls, especially the 2nd one because she got the hand me downs:) I will have to check out those games they sound fun! Our girls just got American Girl dolls last year for Christmas and I'm glad we waited with them because they really know now how to take care of them. The bitty twins are so cute! They just got them to:) I want a Wii fit, I think you were smart getting it on Amazon though because I have heard stories of how long people wait in line to get one, it's crazy. we got Mario Kart, that is a fun game! Sorry didn't mean for this to be so long:)

Growin' with it! said...

feels great doesn't it? the octopus cracked me up. that sounds all too familiar. i am on a mission to clean out our cabinets in the family room. and it is depressing...all those toys in there that never get played with. we went thru a phase w/ the boys that we bought junk from the goodwill cuz they loved taking things a part. saved a ton and was a huge hit. i'm curious about the ball of whacks...gotta check that one out.

good for you mama!

Molly said...

I am still searching hard for wiifit! Yall are sooo lucky to have it. I'm stuck sometimes playing it at daves, but I've been working out with the little sports game that comes with it! My arms hurt soo bad from Baseball, and boxing! It is sooo exciting on the Wiifit when it tells you how much you lost, and especially when your Mii shrinks!!! Glad you had a good Christmas and got awesome stuff!