Friday, October 3, 2008

I was tagged

I was tagged by One more equals four to share 5 things I have learned about blogging.  One more has been one of my longest bloggy friends, she is the first person who I emailed outside of commenting on other peoples blog she is also the first person I told my real name to.  She is my blog friend!  
So let me see what are 5 things I have learned about blogging...
1. I love it!  I was never a diary keeper or even a writer of any kind, but once I started writing I couldn't stop.  This blog has helped me through some really touchy times like our decision to have a reversal and this blog has encouraged me.  
2. I have learned that I might not be famous like Pioneer woman and that's ok...  No I have learned that even though I have put famous bloggers in my blog roll does not mean they will ever read me, and I so ok with that, now!  I have a great group of readers who encourage me and lift me up all the time, I love you guys!
3. I have learned to laugh at myself much more often!  I sometimes sit at my computer and crack up at my life and its just fun to talk about it!  Hey its much better to laugh than to cry, right!
4. I have learned that sharing my life gives me joy, I have had alot of secrets in my life and they bring nothing but pain, sharing my life is freeing!
5. This is a long one...  I have recently learned  that my sister reads my blog, now let me start with the fact that I have said that I am an only child, that is half untrue, I was raised an only child, my mother and father were divorced when I was 3, my father has always struggled to be my dad and that's for another post, so anyway he had another daughter when I was 10, her name is Molly.  Molly and I were not raised in the same house and with my lack of relationship with my father I rarely ever got to see Molly.  She was only 8 when I got married and moved over 12 hours away and so we have never really had any kind of relationship.  
I have always kept my distance not wanting to intrude on her life her family.  About 4 years ago I called my father and let him off the hook one could say, I totally forgave him and have since called him and he has called me, we have spent some holidays together, all the while I have felt like my sister really didn't want a relationship with me, and understandably, I have always thought of our dad as her dad.
Two weeks ago my sister commented on my blog, it rocked my world upside down.  I was totally shocked she was interested in me?!?!?  We very quickly went from commenting back and forth to emailing one another, and to my surprise she has been reading my blog for a long time, but what is even more surprising is she has always considered me her big sister and it has saddened her that we weren't close.  I don't think 2 days have gone by in the last 2 weeks that we haven't emailed each other we have talked on the phone twice as well.  She likes email that's her generation I like the phone but anyway, I can't even tell you all how happy this makes me,  I have a sister and she wants to have a relationship with me, wow!
Amazingly we like and dislike many of the same things we have the same favorite color, same favorite food.  Just tell me how great is that!  So I have also found that blogs can bring family's together.  Molly and I have so many years to make up for, and no better time to start than today!

Now I am supposed to tag 5 people to share the five things they have learned about blogging so I chose

Pioneer Woman (just kidding, see I make myself laugh)
Growin with it  ( I wanted 6)


One More Equals Four said...

Thanks for joining in! Hope Daisy did okay yesterday and all is well! I loved reading your answers but the last one about your sister literally brought tears to my eyes...that is so amazing!

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

I love it that you and your sister are now talking!!! That'a an awesome story...see blogging can really do some positive things.
I'll play to Walmart. (Where else, right?)

Twice Blessed said...

Number 5 is a tear jerker for sure! Where's the Kleenex?? So happy for you and Molly... I'd really like to meet her one day.

Michelle said...

Wow.. that's an amazing story about you and your sister. So cool that she found your blog!

Crayl said...

That's amazing!!

And I like tea either unsweetened, or with some Stevia, (good quality) or evaporated can juice, but just a little, it's still sugar. I don't drink soda anymore so it isn't that big of a deal. I am going to have to post about why I's long,let me say this...the FDA covered up issues with Aspertame because of bribing, and my health has improved since I got rid of it. AND It's easier to lose weight when you don't consume it...see this got long, and it's only the start.
YAY for you and your sis though!

Molly said...

Even I got a little teary eyed! I love you, and I couldn't be happier that you started blogging!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you've connected with your sister...awesome story- thanks for sharing.

I am new to your blog- so I wanted to say you have a beautiful family and blessing as you add to it. I come from a tight-knit family of 7kids and wouldn't have it any other way!

Becoming Me said...

What a sweet post and I really related to many of the things you wrote about your sister...touching said...

Neat! Isn't it wonderful when we make real friends through blogging? I can't tell you what that has meant in my own life.