Thursday, February 19, 2009

I will not complain I will not complain I will not complain

Hello there Blog world it's me HAPPY Mommy, remember me the Happy one....  Oh, you forgot who I was, sorry that's because I was very miserable for about a week now.  
The big fat shot in my hind end really helped, the doctor gave me a shot of steroids to help my spastic lungs, doesn't that sound nice.  I am not complaining, no not at all, I slept last night.
Yesterday was a horrible day, the kids we awful and I was in a very bad mood!  I am feeling much better now, thanks to a very good friend (THANK YOU "S") my friend "S" reminded me last night that my kids are young....  Profound isn't it.  Young.  To be honest, I was unprepared for a Dr. visit I brought no books no toys, no coloring books or drawing paper, and I truly expected my three young kids to sit and not move because I felt like crap.
Well that plan fell apart fast.   I left that appointment feeling like a bad mom, which I am not, my kids are sick, I am sick and we had a bad day.  Life goes on, chin up!
My friend "S" reminded me to set some rules that really matter, don't bust down on everything make somethings rules to live by.  Like if it is my major issue, teach them, like I get the maddest when I am ready to leave and I ask the kids to get there coats and shoes, oh 12 times.  Funny this is also "S's" major thing too.  So I have decided from now on to go to my kids and tell them in their face get your shoes and coat, if the tv is on I will turn it off, I will no longer allow myself to get upset before we head out for the day!
I also hate when the kids act up in public, who doesn't right!  I have had a lot of success in the past with packing a bag for the car with books and scissors and paper, for some reason I got away from that and so I packed a car bag this morning, I realize I can't expect a 7, 5 and 3 year old to sit quietly with nothing to do.
I am thankful for friends who have kids a few years older they have had these days too!  I am thankful for my kids who just this morning told me I was the best mommy in the world...
I am thankful we get to go to bed and  start over each day!  I am Thankful God Loves me even when I act ugly!

See no complaining today!  Happy Thursday!


Twice Blessed said...

It's nice to have good friends! Glad today is gonna be better for it 9a yet? See you tomorrow!

Melissa said...

I hope everything goes well for your trip and you are feeling better. You are blessed to have such a wonderful friend, but then you already knew that:)

Judy said...

I'd say you are WAY ahead of the game when you are STILL saying what you're thankful for, even when you've had such a difficult week!
::sees God smiling::

Thanks for the inspiration!
And I LOVE the gritted-teeth family photo...we ALL have one in our drawer some where, LOL!!!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Having a tough week myself.
Had Pebbles to the Dr today and she had a small tantrum, very small but still makes me mad when in public.

Big ((Hugs))