Monday, August 27, 2007

Extending Yourself?

We are going through a series at church about church family's, we are learning about the real intent of the early church.... Meeting in homes, extending yourself to the community, helping others, a connection with others. We are learning how people have been hurt in so many churches due to the fact that so many times people act like the building is church not the people in the building. People act different in the building than out of the building, People laugh at different jokes outside of the building than they would in the building, People would watch different tv shows outside of the building than in the building... What if we acted like the church was the people we came in contact with each and everyday. What if we extended our self to the undesirable people we came in contact with, would then we be living our purpose, would then we have life and life more abundantly, would then we be more like Jesus and less like our self?
I can grasp the concept of Church real church, I have attended both the Church which is striving to be like the Church we read about in the New Testament and I have attended the church you must have a matching purse and shoes and what is it you drive? Oh and don't every let your tattoo be seen...
I really want this kind of relationship with Christ the kind where I see every opportunity an opportunity to share the love of Jesus, I am constantly feeding in to the lies Satan in planting like how can I witness to that cashier my kids are acting like they are on wild animals just released from the zoo.
I do a great job of talking to God about all my thoughts and sharing my day with him, I need to not keep him to myself... I have longed for this opportunity this summer as I knew the small group would start this fall, the only problem is the members of this group already know Christ, don't get me wrong I know God has led me in the direction of leading other moms to grow in the walk with their husbands and children, but how do I a stay home mom of 3 find people to witness to? Maybe invite some of daddy's co-workers and their family's over for dinner, or what about invite the unmarried mother of 3 from football to meet at the park? Did I mention that all of her kids are not by the same daddy (what would people think, I am going to be a bible study leader and all) I was raised in a church were if you entertained this kind of lady you would then look like her and that would hurt your witness.... But if you never talk to the lost how and who do you witness to?
So as I keep putting the old Southern Baptist teaching out of my mind and remind myself to keep pushing and remain a little uncomfortable. The opportunity is out there if I look for it.
Maybe just maybe an unsaved Mom would benefit from seeing that I sometimes yell at my kids or even that me a big old Christian has kids that disobey their parents....
I will be trying to Extend myself Extend my borders.

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